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YAMAOKA Tesshū (Tetsutarō)

He was born as a son of ONO Takayoshi who served the Tokugawa shogunate in 1836. He is said to be a descendant of TSUKAHARA Bokuden, a swordsman in the 16th century. He learned swordsmanship and penmanship in his childhood. He was a big man who stood 188 centimetres and weighed 105 kilogrammes.

After his father's death in 1852, he improved his skill of swordsmanship and also practiced spearmanship by YAMAOKA Seizan. As Seizan died suddenly, he married Fusako, daughter of Seizan and called himself Yamaoka Tetsutarō. In 1857, he instructed his pupils at Kobu-sho, a military academy. Then he established a party that advocated Sonnō-jōi, respecting the emperor and expelling foreigners with KIYOKAWA Hachirō.

Takahiro Fujimoto as YAMAOKA Tesshū

Then they established the organisation called roshi-gumi whose members were ronins and took them to Kyoto to protect TOKUGAWA Iemochi who went to Kyoto to meet the Emperor. But Hachiro’s behaviour was suspicious so he, Tetsutarō and most members were forced to return to Edo. Some members who remained in Kyoto formed Shinsengumi later. Hachirō was executed later and Tetsutarō was told to confine himself in his house. 

After that he devoted himseld to improve his skill of swordsmanship and became the head of infantry in 1868. At that time, he was ordered to negotiate with SAIGŌ Takamori (Kichinosuke) prior to the meeting of KATSU Kaishū and Takamori about the surrender of Edo Castle. Takamori listened to him attentively and it enabled the smooth surrender of the castle at last.

After the Meiji Restoration, he held the positions of governing some prefectures and was appointed to a chamberlain of Emperor Meiji. It is said that the Emperor who was drunken wrestled with him. Though the opponent was the Emperor, he competed with him in earnest and won against him. He intended to admonish him to consider if he had hurt his vassal in the match, he would have been called a tyrant and he would have regretted it. The Emperor accepted it.

He was awarded the title of viscount in 1886. On the following year, he died of stomach cancer at the age of 53. He assumed the lotus position and sat to the Imperial Palace when he died.

He liked the anpan (*) of Kimuraya. The logo of the shop is based on his writing.

He evaluates SAIGŌ Takamori like this.
"It's hard to deal with a person who is heedless of death, honour and money. But only such a person can complete great achievements".

In this series, he tries to stop Takamori (Kichinosuke) attacking Edo at the risk of his life. After the Meiji Restoration, he assists him reforming the Imperial Court and becomes a chamberlain with the recommendation of Takamori.

(*) A soft round bread filled with the jam of red bean.

Tesshū as chamberlain of Emperor Meiji

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