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GOTŌ Shōjirō

He was born in 1838 as son of GOTŌ who served Tosa domain. His family is originally from from the family line of GOTŌ Matabei who fought against TOKUGAWA Ieyasu in the Siege of Osaka.

He was a jōshi (upper-class samurai) and he lived with YOSHIDA Tōyō, his uncle-in-law and chief vassal of Tosa domain. He learned from John Manjirō (NAKAHAMA Manjirō) about the foreign countries and was appointed to a magistrate of Hata county, western part of current Kōchi in 1858. This is a part of Tōyō's policies of reforming administration.

However, Tōyō was assassinated by Tosa Kinno‐tō (The royalists' party of Tosa) in 1862. Then he resigned his post and went to Edo to learn navigation, Dutch and English. But the Kinno‐tō was suppressed by Yamauchi Yōdō, former lord of the domain who took up his position. Then he returned to Tosa and executed TAKECHI Hanpeita who led the party. He kept suppressing it and planned economic reform however it didn't go well.

Then he met SAKAMOTO Ryōma who managed Kameyama Shachu (later kaien-tai) though Ryōma participated in Tosa Kinno‐to before. They cooperated each other and he engaged in foreign diplomacy also. In 1867, he helped allying Tosa domain with Satsuma domain and proposed Taisei Hōkan based on the Senchū Hassaku by Ryōma submitted to Yōdō. Then TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu restored the government to the Crown on the 14th of october, 1867. But his comrade Ryoma was killed one month later.

Satsuma and Chōshū disppproved of Tosa domain's participation in the New government army. So the Tosa army led by ITAGAKI (Inui) Taisuke joined it independently. After the Boshin War, became a councilor in the New government but resigned from it because of the argument over Seikanron, the diplomatic policy regarding the relations with Korea. Though having resigned from the post, he submitted the petition for Establishment of Elected Assembly to the government and was appointed to the councilor of the senate in 1875. In 1892, he became the minister of Agriculture and commerce.

In 1868, received a sword by Queen Victoria because he put down the attack to Sir Harry Parkes, British ambassador to Japan. And in 1882, he went to Europe and purchased a bag of Louis Vuitton.

In 1887, he was given the title of count. And three years after the retirement from political life, he died at the age of 60. His daughter Sanae marrried IWASAKI Yanosuke, brother of IWASAKI Yatarō who established Mitsubishi Zaibatsu (combine). He and Yatarō were on intimate terms with each other.
In this series, he meets SAIGŌ Kichinosuke who tries to overthrow the shogunate by arms when he served Tosa domain. But after that, he accepts the idea of SAKAMOTO Ryōma who plans to overthrow the shogunate peacefully by Taisei Hokan. After the Meiji Restoration, he becomes a councilor of the government but opposes ŌKUBO Toshimichi.

The image shows Ryō Segawa as Gotō Shōjiro
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