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Sego-don Special 3

The third special programme was broadcast last Saturday (*). The Meiji period begins and the relationship of SAIGO Takamori (Kichinosuke) and OKUBO Toshimichi (Ichizo) becomes to show signs of cooling off. Takamori tries to modernise Japan and reexamine the diplomatic policy step by step while Toshimichi attempts to do it rapidly and it causes the discord between them. 

After the Meiji Restoration, Western culture flooded into Japan and some politicians as Toshimichi, KIDO Takayoshi (KATSURA Kogorō) dressed in Western style and wore a mustache or a beard (**). And Western food such as meat dishes, bread, curry and rice and so on were brought also (***). Besides education and administrative was reformed and such changes are introduced with some episodes in the programme. 

A community in Tsuruoka City is introduced also. In a community of the city, Takamori is respected and each family has his portrait. The area formerly belonged to Shōnai domain and fought against the New government army in the Boshin War. However, Takamori was tolerant toward them and spread sericulture there. And a ceremony of remembering Takamori was held on the 24th of September in Kagoshima. Ryōhei Suzuki who acts Takamori and Haru Kuroki who acts his wife Ito attended it. 

(*) The broadcast schedule was changed because of a programme about typhoon was broadcast on the 7th of October.
(**) Toshimichi wore both.
(***)Curry in the the latter half of the 19th century reminds me of  "The Adventure of the Naval Treaty" written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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