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NAKAMURA Hanjirō (KIRINO Toshiaki)

He was born as the third son of NAKAMURA Yoemon in 1338 and later he changed his name to KIRINO Toshiaki. Yoemon was the lowest-class samurai and he was exiled to Tokunoshima and his stipend was taken away. So Hanjirō ans his family made a living by farming.

He accompanied SHIMAZU Hisamitsu to Kyoto in 1862 and guarded Prince Asahiko. He was involved in the Teradaya Incident in the same year and was suspended. But soon after he joined the group of overthrowing the shogunate and was taken into SAIGŌ Kichinosuke's confidence and supported by KOMATSU Tatewaki.

Hanjirō in his childhood (Rukito Nakamura)

He was called "Hito-kiri Hanjirō" (Hanjirō the killer) at that time but killed only one man who supported the shogunate. On the other hand, he acted as spy and got to know KATSURA Kogorō, SAKAMOTO Ryōma and NAKAOKA Shintarō. He is sais that he accompanied Kichinosuke when he talked with KATSU Kaishū about the surrender of Edo Castle. 

Aftet Taisei Hōkan, the Battle of Toba-Fushimi and the Boshin War occurred. He participated in some battles and finally fought in Aizu. When his side took Wakamatsu Castle in September 1868, he was charged with the handing over of the castle and sympathised with his enemies. 

In the new government, he was promoted to major general of army. However, when Kichinosuke (Takamori) resigned from his public post, he accompanied him and returned to Kagoshima. He helped Kichinosuke establishment Shigakkō, a school for boys and he taught them reclamation that he did in his childhood.

In 1877, the plot to assassinate Kichinosuke by NAKAHARA Nao-o, a police inspector of Tokyo Metropolitan Department was detected. Then he insisted to fight against the government and he was told to procure armaments. This is the Satsuma rebellion (Seinan Sensō).

Though he fought until the end of the rebellion, but Mt. Shiroyama where the soldiers of Kichinosuke barricaded themselves were sieged by their enemy. Kichinosuke committed hara-kiri and he was shot through the forehead. He was 40 years old.

BEPPU Shinsuke who also supported Kichinosuke until his death was his cousin.

During the Boshin War, a member of Shōgi-tai called SUZUKI Hayato cut off his some fingers. Shōgi-tai was defeated by the New government army at the Battle of Ueno. He was said to have loved perfume.

In this series, he was a poor boy but skilled in swordplay. After he grows up, he meets Kichinosuke again and becomes his right-hand man. He is appointed to the first major general of army and cast in his lot with Kichinosuke.

Nakamura Hanjirō, later Kirino Toshiaki (Takurō Ōno)


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