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She was a daughter of NIRE Kagenori who served Satsuma domain. She married SAIGŌ Kichijirō as his second wife.

Kichijiro's first wife was called Masu and they had two children, Mitsu and Takanori. They lived in poverty because of the second exile of Kichinosuke and his brothers' confinement caused by it. Soon after she died of illness so Kichijirō remarried her. 

When the Boshin War occurred in 1868, her husband Kichijirō went to front and died in the Battle of Hokuetsu. As Kichinosuke and his youngest brother Kohei died in the Satsuma rebellion, there were three widows in the Saigo family after the rebellion. Then Saigō Jūdō, one of the brothers of Kichinosuke and was an army officer tried to support them but Ito, wife of Kichinosuke refused it.

Later Jūdō built a house in Také in Kagoshima and then they lived together with their children or adopted daughter Kikukusa (daughter of Aikana), KAWAGUCHI Seppō and Kumakichi. In 1885, her son-in-law Takanori accompanied Toratarō, son of Ito who received Imperial Donation and departed for Germany to study. Her daughter-in-law Mitsu married a son of the Adachi family that was the family of a doctor to daimyo.

She died in Kagoshima in 1896.

In this series, she is described as a first wife of Kichijirō. She is a bright woman who manages the family well and an adviser of Ito.

The image shows Yuki Kashiwagi as Saigō Sono
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