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Prince Asahiko (Nakagawa-no-miya)

He was born in 1824 as the fourth son of Prince Kuni-ie of Fushimi. He was an imperical prince (shin-nō) who was also called Seiren-in-no-miya, Awata-no-miya, Kaya-no-miya, Fushimi-no-miya and Kuni-no-miya.

He became an priest in 1838. He tried to prevent the Imperial sanction for the ratification of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce Between the United States and the Empire of Japan. Besides he supported HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu for the 14th shogun so he was forced to be confined in his house because of the Ansei Purge.

After the assassination of II Naosuke, he was pardoned and in 1863 he returned to secular life and called himself Nakagawa-no-miya. As having been the leader of kōbu-gattai movement, he was nearly killed by radical samurais who supported radical royalism and expelling foreigners (sonnō-jōi ha). Then he attempted to banish some radical aristocrats from Kyoto with the cooperation of the domains of Aizu and Satsuma. After the Kinmon Incident in 1864, the shogunate detached troops to subjugate Chōshū but in the second one the army of the shogunate was badly defeated.

The shogunate lost its centripetal force and he also lost his influence in the Imperial Court especially after the death of TOKUGAWA Iemochi and the demise of Emperor Kōmei. 

After the Meiji restoration, he didn't move to Tokyo to join the new government. He kept living in Kyoto and died in October 1891.

He is a great grandfather of Emperor Akihito.

In this series, he is describes as an aristocrat who arranged Sanyo-kaigi and supports Kōbu-gattai movement. He interacts with Hitotsubashi Yoshinobu who gives Iwakura Tomomi's letter to him in exchage for money to teach him what Tomomi thinks.

The image shows Takeshi Nadagi as Prince Asahiko
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