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My Impressions on "Miss Sherlock"

I give my impressions on "Miss Sherlock" as I watched all of the episodes. In it, the affair in the first episode based on "A Study in Scarlet" is solved in the final episode based on "The Final Problem". Unlike the other adaptions of "Sherlock Holmes", incidents don't occur in the darkness of London but in current Tokyo.

The series seems to be the mixture of Japanese detective dramas and the eccentricity of Sherlock Holmes. Besides some characters and the development of the story remind me of those in "Aibou (aibō)" (*), a popular detective drama series in Japan.  

Wato Tachibana who is based on John Hamish Watson returns from Syria where she visited as volunteer doctor and encounters a murder at Tokyo International airport. After that she becomes to live with Miss Sherlock because of the fire of the hotel she stays. Personally, I think it's too good to be true.

Anyway Wato helps Sherlock to crack a criminal case while being confused by her strange behaviours. Then she resigns as doctor and works as temporary staff of a library and waitress of a Japanese restaurant but what she does after that is not described. As some people around her are suspicious, she is not a storyteller like Watson in the original works but can be called a kind of victim.

Both Sherlock and Wato are in danger in the final episode and Sherlock reveals a string puller at last. Besides Sherlock declares that Wato is her friend though she has insisted that she is not her friend many times. She changes indeed and her words reminds me of those of Holmes in "Sherlock Holmes", a puppetry written by Kōki Mitani. In it, he finally admits that he is a child (**) though he once told Watson that he was not a child any more.

I hope you will enjoy it if you get the opportunity and I'll leave the last scene to your imagination.


(*) Ran Itō, who acts Kimié Hatano based on Mrs.Hudson is a wife of Yutaka Mizutani who plays the role of Ukyō Sugishita in "Aibou".
(**) Holmes is a 15-year-old boy in the puppetry.


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