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KIJIMA Matabei

He was born as KITAMURA Kamenoshin in 1817. His father was a lower-class samurai of Chōshū domain. In 1817, he was adopted by KIJIMA Matabei and trained swordsmanship. 

In 1848, he took over the head of the Kijima family. After the death of his adopted father, he called himself Kijima Matabei Masahisa after him. In 1848, he goes to Kyoto with sogeki-tai, a corps of hunters but was exiled from Kyoto because of "Hachigatsu Ju-hachi nichi no Seihen" (*). Then he formed yūgeki-tai, a kind of corps consisted of the soldiers from various social classes. 

In 1864, he goes to Kyoto again to clear the name of Chōshū domain and planned to kill SHIMAZU Hisamitsu but in vain. He once returned to Chōshū and urged his lord Mōri Takachika to dispatch the troops to Kyoto. And he went to the capital again with his comrade-in-arms includes KUSAKA Genzui. On the 19th of July, the Kinmon Incident occurred and he fought bravely against the Satsuma Army. But he was shot in the chest by KUWAJI Toshiyoshi and then killed himself.

His son Kamenosuke changed his family name by order of Takachika and married one of the younger sisters of INOUE Kaoru later.

In this series, he is described as a daring samurai who tries to break through the deference of the Satsuma Army at the Hamaguri Gate. He side-hands his enemies and advances but is shot to death by KAWAJI Toshiyoshi.

(*) It means "the coup of the 18th of August". It caused the exile of the aristocrats who are close to the radical royalists of Chōshū domain and the royalists were exiled also. From this, the aristocrats who supported "kōbu gattai ron", the cooperation of the Imperial Court and the shogunate had influence in the court.
(**) He is a famous professional wrestler from Yamaguchi, Chōshū in former times so his ring name is taken from it.

The image shows Riki Chōshū (**) as Kijima Matabei
(From the official website of "Segodon")


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