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The Adventure of the One Hundred Tadpoles

One morning Watson does his prop busily while Holmes blows a party horn. He says that he has no intention of doing it from the beginning. What is more, he says "Assuming the pain of doing prep is ten, the pain of being warned is six. I prefer the lighter". Then someone knocks a door of 221B. It is Irene Adler. As soon as hearing her voice, he makes Watson stop doing prep and cleans up their dorm with him in haste. Irene tells Holmes that Barnicot fainted and was carried to nurse's office on the previous night and he wants to meet him.

After that, Holmes visits nurse's office with Watson and learns that Barnicot had his picture stolen. It is for a picture contest by four houses themed on tadpole, nickname for Sir Percy Phelps who established Beeton School. At that time, another pupil who also is in bed stands up and appears before them. It is Mycroft and he tells his younger brother in fun that it's natural for him to be in high spirits when he is with Miss Adler who attracts him. And Wilson Kemp visits Barnicot who doesn't know of him. Holmes and Watson wonder why both Mycroft and Kemp visit there.

On that evening, they meet in the office again and are informed by Langdale Pike that Wilson Kemp represents Dealer House in the contest and nobody from the house has become winner recently. They wake Barnicot and tells him to go back to his dorm. Then Holmes asks Irene Adler to permit their stay there during the night. Miss Adler who is surprised with it first but permits it later. She also tells that she has no key to the room. That night they find someone enter there and tries to get Barnicot's picture beneath one of the beds. It's Wilson Kemp. They take back the picture drawn abstractedly and Mrs. Hudson brings a dish with silver cloche to 221B on the next morning.

Holmes and Watson suggest Barnicot to empty the cloche and he finds his picture there. However, it is not his work but the one poorly modelled on his by Mycroft. His picture stolen by Kemp was hidden in nurse's office and he planned to take it later though Barnicot's faint prevented it. So Mycroft visits nurse's office using feign illness and changed it with an imitated one. Holmes expresses apology to Barnicot but he doesn't mind for he know it's drawn by himself even if Kemp wins the contest and he will be happy if it's realised.

However the winner is not Kemp but Duncan Ross who draws "A Red Tadpole". Holmes who is depressed with it is given a spoon of honey in nurse's office.

Nurse office
Barnicot, Holmes, Watson in Irene Adler's office. 


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