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The Other Characters in "Fūrin Kazan" - 1


He was a younger brother of TAKEDA Nobutora and an uncle of Takeda Harunobu (Shingen). He was trusted by Nobutora well and was based on Katsunuma (*) to keep watch over the Oyamada clan, ruler of Gunnai (**). In this series, he supports Nobutora and dies in the Battle of Yamanaka, a battle between the Takeda clan and the Hōjō clan fought near Lake Yamanaka.

Kazunaga Tsuji as Katsunuma Nobutomo

AKABE Shimotsukenokami

His real name was NANBU Munehide and served the Takeda clan. He is said to have committed suicide after beaten in a Battle against the Anayama Clan. According to "Kōyō Gunkan", a record of the military exploits and strategy of the Takeda clan, he was exiled because of  his dubious morals. In this series, he disguises as foot soldier of the Imagawa clan and tries to assault Mitsu repeatedly but is killed and beheaded by Kansuke.

Susumu Terajima as Akabe Shimotsukenokami

ŌBAYASHI Kanzaemon

He is an adopted father of Kansuke. In this series, He adopts Yamamoto Kansuke who refuses to become a monk. But he and his wife Kikuyo have a son called Kanbei while Kansuke travels over the provinces to learn strategy and makes his real son Kanbei take the credit for killing and beheading Akabe Shimotsukenokami. It disappoints Kansuke and he dissolves the adoptive relationship. After that, he uses his original family name Yamamoto.

Takeshi Sasano as Ōbayashi Kanzaemon

(*) Current Katsunuma in Kōshyū City. The town is famous for vineyards and wineries.
(**) The area locates in eastern part of the province of Kai, current Yamanashi. It was originally ruled by the Oyamada clan but was annexed by the Takeda clan later.


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