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Fūrin Kazan 50 Kessen Kawanakajima (A Decisive Battle at Kawanakajima) - 2

At that moment, NAOE Sanetsuna makes his horse run and approaches Kansuke. Kansuke who tries to kill Masatora takes a toss and his helmet falls off from his head. He still keeps on fighting despite being covered all over with wounds. He also sees Masatora on white horse far away and he cannot approach him any more. Though he tries to approach him, he makes his horse run to the headquarter.

Despite being wounded, Kansuke (Seiyō Uchino, centre) continues fighting

A soldier of the Uesugi Army watches for a chance of killing him. It is Heizō. Kansuke recognises him and tries to hand his Malici to him saying kill and behead himself. However Heizō is shot by an arrow and falls down. Though he loses his eye-patch but he can see the flag of Sun Tzu's words clearly. He remembers that he told Shigen, who was called Harunobu then to control both the Sea of Japan and the pacific ocean. Kansuke who still sticks to fighting sees the flags of six coins then. The detached force includes the troop of SANADA Yukitaka arrives at Hachimanpara.
"My Lord, you win the battle."
Immediately after the arrival of the force, some enemy soldiers approach him saying "The time has come to die". And they kill and behead him.

Kansuke sees the flag with the words of Sun Tzu but is beheaded soon after

Meanwhile, O-Kuma searches for the disapperaed Malici of Ritsu. Then Ritsu comes home with some eggplants and finds her Malici goes onto a verandah somehow. She realises something happened to Kansuke and weeps. At last the situation is advantageous to Masatora in the morning but the Takeda Army controls it in the afternoon though the battle is not settled. Besides many soldiers of both armies die or are wounded. At Masatora's headquarter in Zenkōji Temple, he says that the heads they took will be identified at Mt. Motodori. Sanetsuna tells him that it's their win but he says the war will continue and this troublesome time is just like one night dream.

Takeda Shingen (ICHIKAWA Kamejirō, second from the right) sees the dead body of his younger brother Nobushige

Against their expectations, the heads of Nobishige and Torasada are taken back to Shingen's headquarter. He sheds tears ovdr the death of Nobushige who agreed with his idea and appreciated him when he decided to exile his father Nobutora. At that moment, KOMAI Masatake finds somebody who runs to them from far away. It is Denbée who carries the headless body of Kansuke on his back.
"Here comes Yamamoto Kansuke!"
And Takichi returns to them with his head. He swears that the head is that of Kansuke himself. BABA Nobuharu who hears his words says there is no doubt because his face is so characteristic. Takichi joins his head with smile and his body together. Then Shingen and his vassals give a shout of victory.

Shingen and his vassals surround the dead body of Kansuke

Around 4 p.m., Shingen and his army retreat Hachimanpara and in Echigo, Hisa prepares meals and separates that for Heizō from theirs. At the same time, Heizō walks leaning on a spear and mutters to himself that he wants no more war and hopes to return to Echigo early. In the battlefield, may farmers who remove the armours , swords and spears of dead soldiers to sell them. O-Fuku is included in them and sees Heizō walking hopelessly. He walks so slowly and seems to take time to arrive in Echigo but he heads for his home saying he will not die.

Heizō (Ryūta Satō) is wounded but heads for Echigo  

After that, OBU Toramasa was involved in a rebellion and committed hara-kiri and Yoshinobu was disinherited in 1565. Shingen shut him up in Tōkōji Temple and he died in 1567. In 1570, his mother Sanjō Fujin died of illness. In 1573, Shingen died at the age of 53 and his death was kept secret for three years. His heir Katsuyori fought against the allied force of ODA Nobunaga and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and was defeated at the Battle of Nagashino in 1575. Baba Nobuharu and YAMAGATA Masakage (Obu Masakage) fell in the battle. And in 1582, Katsuyori was cornered by Nobunaga and committes suicide after the Battle of Tenmokuzan and the Takeda clan as Sengoku daimyo was destroyed but the family line survived.

The images are from the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan".


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