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Fūrin Kazan 50 Kessen Kawanakajima (A Decisive Battle at Kawanakajima) - 1

According to "Kitsutsuki Senpō" (Operation Woodpecker), TAKEDA Shingen sends detached forces to Mt. Saijo where UESUGI Masatora is based to attack his army and make it climb down the mountain to a plain called Hachimanpara. Howevder the army has already climbed down and Masatora adopts a formation called Kurumagakari-no-jin, that is disadvantageous to the Takeda Army. Both Nobushige and MOROZUMI Torasada attack their enemy to gain time and are killed. Kansuke accepts his failure and remembers that Ōi-Fujin told him that he is a sad man by nature because he said if Buddha appears now, he will take up arms also.

Sanjō Fujin (Chizuru Ikewaki) visits Sekisuiji Temple where O-Goto hime stays

Kansuke tells Shingen that the detached force will come but Shingen says,
"Not only protect, but win also."
Kansuke decides to go to the front also and asks Yoshinobu to be with Shingen and KOMAI Masatake to protect them. At that time Sanjō Fujin visits O-Goto hime and she hopes to be flown by the wind like a cloud and says both Shingen and Kansuke thinks it's their duty to raise the winds.

Uesugi Masatora (Gackt) in a Western-style armour enjoys a cup of sake before the battle

At the headquarter of Masatora, USAMI Sadamitsu advises him to retreat because the detached force of Shingen will approach them soon. However Masatora says he can kill and behead Shingen unless the Takeda Army retreats and makes the attack saying,
"I release the world from the bad dreams of invasion!"
At that time, Momo hime and her son Unomatsu prays for his win. And Kansuke is informed by a Mukade Shu the advance of Masatora's soldiers advance so he orders him to tell it to Shingen. Then he makes Denbée and Takichi command soldiers and intends to invade a place.

Kansuke (Seiyō Uchino) decides to go to the front

Then Yoshinobu approaches him and says it's him who invades a place. Kansuke admonishes him that he is an heir of Harunobu and his life is more important for the Takeda clan than his own. So Yoshinobu returns to the headquarter and Kansuke asks him to take care of Katsuyori (*). He remembers the words of AMARI Torayasu, "You should know what you gain and what you lose" and those of ITAGAKI Nobukata, "Be a real strategist and support Harunobu (Shingen)". When he is about to run his horse, something that seems to be an illusion of Yu-u hime stops him and he realises that she tries to stop him not Katsuyori. He shouts he is still alive and never die until Shingen governs Japan.

Usami Sadamitsu (Ken Ogata) orders Kansuke to return to the headquarter of Shingen

The troop of SANADA Yukitaka climbs down Mt. Saijo and comes near Chikuma River but Yukitaka sees the troop of MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo on the other side. Then they fight each other in the river. And at Hachimanpara, Sadamitsu tells Masatora's vassals to protect the headquarter and orders Kansuke who fights bravely near the headquarter to return.
"For what do you fight? You go so far as to destroy our province! "
At that moment, Masatora runs his horse to the headquarter of Harunobu. The action surprise the soldiers and both Sadamitsu and Kansuke make way for him unexpectedly.

Sanada Yukitaka (Kuranosuke Sasaki, right) and his troop climb down Mt. Saijo

and sees Murakami Yoshikiyo (Toshiyuki Nagashima) on the other side of Chikuma River

Immediately after, Kansuke chases him. Masatora attacks Shingen who is alone at his headquarter and tries to slash at him. But Shingen keeps calm and stops the blows from his sword with gunbai (fan). As the soldiers return and one of them spears Masatora's horse, he returns to his headquarter. Shingen shows them his fan and says that he stop three blows but there are seven scars on his fan and says Masatora really is the Dragon of Echigo (**). And Kansuke still fights near his enemy's headquarter and the words of Sadamitsu crosses his mind. Kansuke answers him that he fights for whom he loves in the spirit.

Masatora tries to slash at Takeda shingen,

but Shingen (ICHIKAWA Kamejirō) stops the blow with his gunbai

(*) Prpbably he decides to die in the battle.
(**) This is a well-known episode in the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima.

The images are form the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan".


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