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Fūrin Kazan 47 Kessen Zenya (On the Eve of a Decisive Battle)

UESUGI Masatora is angry with NARITA Nagayasu who sees his parade after succeeding the position of Kanto Kanrei from his horsebeck. Then Masatora forces him get off from the horse and hits him. As a result, Nagayasu withdraws troops from the headquarter of Masatora with other rulers though his wife Ise still remains there as hostage.

Ise (Haruka Igawa, left) makes a bow to Masatora (Gackt) but blames him

Masatora says that he was rude to him and Ise but she says that she will suffer for her husband's betray but won't pay for his impoliteness. She declares that his ancestor exchange salutes with Minamoto-no Yoshiie (*) from his horseback and other rulers didn't betray Masatora but abandoned him. Besides she blames him why Kagetora who venerates Vaisravana doesn't understand other people's feelings and "Heaven's judgement" he says is nothing but his self-conceit.

Hara Toratane (Kai Shishido, right) who is wounded becomes missing

Masatora stops Kakizaki Kageie who tries to slash her and receives her words as a valuable lesson to him. Then he learns that TAKEDA Harunobu takes up arms and retreats to Echigo. He sends Ise to Oshi Castle to stop Nagayasu from supporting the Hojo clan by gaining his gratitude. In May 1561, Warigatake Castle falls but Hara Toratane who is wounded becomes unknown. and Denbée is given three handfuls of gold nuggets as a reward for having incited betrayers during the attack.

The gold nuggets given to Denbée

At Odawara castle, Hojo Ujiyasu treats his vassals to sake and grilled seafood to celebrate the retreat of Masatora. SHIMIZU Yoshimasa appreciates the attack of Harunobu but Ujiyasu tells him that he will be his enemy someday. Then he sees a grilled clam and says.
"The kai is hard to surrrender us, he is foxy man." (**)
At the same time. SANADA Yukitaka talks about the battle at Kawanakajima is coming again. he says that Harunobu cannnot beat Masatora by stratagem. Then KAWAHARA Takamasa appears and tells him about the death of NAGANO Narimasa.

A party is held at Odawara Castle after the retreat of Masatora

Kansuke introduces Ritsu to KASUGA Toratsuna and he is pleased with Ritsu. But he is not keen to succeed Kansuke. Then he advises Toratsuna if they have some sons, one of them can revive the family.  In Echigo, Masatora teaches his nephew Unomatsu (later Kagekatsu) calligraphy. Momo hime who sees it thinks that he has changed. Masatora says that he knows how to express affection.

Heizō (Ryūta Satō, centre) tells his family that he participates in the battle at Kawanakajima

Heizō comes home and make his family prepare for the battle. Hisa persuades him that he should return again. On the 14th of August, Masatora and his army departs for Kawanakajima but only Heizō looks depressed. It is signaled to Harunobu by beacon and he gathers his vassals to hold a council of war. He asks Kansuke whether Toratsuna can hold Kaizu Castle or not.
"The castle never falls, sir,"says he.  

(*) A samurai from Minamoto clan who suppressed eastern Japan in the 11th century.
(**) It's a play in words. The word kai means the province ruled Harunobu and a Japanese word that means shell or shellfish. And the word "foxy" is expressed "kuenai" in Japanese and the word also means "unsavory". Ujiyasu attempts to say that Harunobu of Kai is foxy and he is like a shellfish that is unsavory.

The images are from the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan".


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