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Sego-don Episode 14 Yoshinobu no Honki (Yoshinobu Makes up His Mind)

Townsend Harris, consul general of the US and his interpreter Henry Housken visit Edo Castle to meet TOKUGAWA Iesada. He is in full dress but seems to be restless and stamps his right foot. Then he expresses his gratitude to the letter of the President and the eternal friendship of Japan and the US. HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu and rojūs who are present there feel safe that he carries off the ceremony. But they become confused soon after because he says the same words repeatedly. He practiced the statement many times with Atsu hime so he tells her that he did it well. Then she make a smile that makes him so happy.

Tokugawa Iesada (Naoki Matayoshi, left) meets Townsend Harris (centre) and Henry Housken

Kichinosuke and Shōsuke visit Kumamoto together. After that they swear to make efforts for Nariakira and part each other. In December 1857, Kichinocuke arrives in Edo and meets MATSUDAIRA Yoshinaga. Kichinosuke hands Nariakira's letter to him and it says he can use Kichinosuke freely. After the death of ABE Masahiro, it becomes hard to make Yoshinobu next shogun and HOTTA Masayoshi who succeeds the head roju cannot calm down TOKUGAWA Nariaki who is against the trade with foreign countries (*).

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki, right) and Ōkubo Shōsuke (Eita) visit Kumamoto and they part each other

Then Kichinosuke and HASHIMOTO Sanai discuss at Isodaya and try to make "Hashikō Gyōjōki", a book on the merits of Yoshinobu popular among Ikushima and the samurais from various domains who stay in Edo. However, Yoshinobu who also is in Isodaya hears their conversation and tells them that what it says is a complete lie. Then he tears it and throw away. Yoshinobu refuses being shogun stubbornly and tells them not to call him by his real name but Hî ーsama. But Sanai hides some copies at the bottom of a vase in their room. They make many copies and goes out of Isodaya but Kichinosuke happens to see a masked man he saw before passing by.

Hitotsubashi Yoshinobu called "Hî-sama" (Shōta Matsuda) hears the conversation of Kichinosuke and Hashimoto Sanai at Isodaya

He catches up with him but NAGANO shuzen, right-hand man of II Naosuke appears there and brings him to the residence of Hikone domain (**). Kichinosuke is served a bowl of tea in the tea room. He hesitates at first but drinks it as II Naosuke told him it's not poisoned. For all that, they are in discord. Besides Naosuke threatens Kichinosuke if he tells him the secrets inside Satsumma domain, he will serve him in retrurn. In addition, he says if Kichinosuke live a life of shame, he will feel that serving the Ii clan is a great pleasure for him.

Kichinosuke makes many copies of "Hashikō Gyōjōki"

At the same time, Narikira sends a petition to the Government (bakufu) and it says that he will make Yoshinobu next shogun. The opposition between the supporters of Yoshinobu (Hitotsunashi ha) and those of Yoshitomi (Nanki ha) deepens. But in Ō-oku, Nariaki enjoys a bad reputation and the women are against supporting Yoshinobu. Particularly Honju-in, mother of Iesada is angry that it is the real intention of the marriage of her son and Atsu hime.

Kichinosuke (left) fights against the masked man but with no mask with stick

Iesada visits Atsu hime again and is persuaded by her to make Yoshinobu succeed him. In spite of her efforts, Yoshinobu still refuses to become shogun but he is attacked by the masked man but with no mask at Isodays and helped by Kichinosuke and Sanai. Kichinosuke kills him by his dagger and is stunned because of his first murder. Yoshinobu watches it calmly and throws his body into a river. But Kichinosuke tells him that the man is also a human who has his master and his family and begs him for becoming shogun then his spirit will be consoled.

Ii Naosuke (Shirō Sano) sits in front of the armour of his clan

On the following morning, they visit II Naosuke in his residence. Yoshinobu tells Naosuke that he must be surprised because he is alive. Naosuke plans to make Yoshitomi next shogun and grant Kishu domain formerly ruled by Yoshitomi. However, it is unreasonable for Yoshinobu to be dictated by Naosuke, vassal of the Tokugawa clan. Then he shouts at him.
"You are so insincerity."
And then he tells Naosuke that it is impossible to keep the peace in the present situation and he is an egregious ass. He decide to become shogun and leaves the residence accompanied by Kichonosuke and Sanai.

Yoshinobu (centre) leaves the residence of Naosuke with Hashimoto Sanai (Shunsuke Kazama, left) and Kichinosuke

(*) Nariaki is keen to make his son but opposes the trade with foreign countries. He disagrees with Nariakira in this respect.
(**) Naosuke is the lord of Hikone domain.

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