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Fūrin Kazan 45 Bōryaku! Okehazama (Yoshimoto Is Caught in a Trap of Kansuke)

The attempted assassination of Shingen is thought to be plotted by Jukeini and Nagao clan or MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo. Kansuke dares to tell Shingen that he failed to catch the spy who brought Chōkyū to Kai (*). Shingen doubts that IMAGAWA Yoshimoto plans to kill him and warns that Imagawa's army will invade Kai while his army makes an expedition to Shinano. Chōkyū escapes from the temple where he was confined but is killed by OBU Toramasa on his way to Suruga. In Echigo, USAMI Sadamitsu learns that Heizō failed in inciting Chōkyū to kill Shingen. He thinks it's hard for him to act as spy and makes him his direct vassal. Heizō thinks about Chōkyū’s consideration for him and Hisa’s devotion to her children.

OBU Toramasa (Akio Kaneda) tells Shingen that he killed Chōkyū

In October 1559, NAGAO Kagetora rerurns to Echigo from Kyoto and tells UESUGI Norimasa that ASHIKAGA Yoshiteru, the 13th shogun approves his right of succession to the Uesugi clan. However, it needs to fight against the Hojo clan and make the rulers in Kanto region obey him for it. And the New Year 1560 begins. Yoshimoto declares that he will conquer Owari within the year in front of his son Ujizane and his vassals. IHARA Yukimasa says that it makes him tremble (**). Yoshimoto is already succeeded by Ujizane and plans to go to Kyoto after conquering the province and lets his mother Jukeini go back there.

Imagawa Yoshimoto (Shōsuke Tanihara, centre) plans to conquer Owari within 1560

About that time, a monk called Tentaku visits Kai and tells Shingen that ODA Nobunaga is not a fool as rumoured and good at working out a plot. It seems that he is sent to Kai by Nobunaga himself. As his army is smaller than that of the Imagawa clan, he may attack Yoshimoto directly. At the same time, one of Yoshimoto's vassals betrays him and is ordered to commit hara-kiri and then he gives trustworthy herediatry vassals important posts. Meanwhile Kansuke, Denbée and Takichi consider how the Oda's army attacks him. As the route is mountainous, they guess he will attack his enemy in Okehazama, a valley plain.

Kansuke (Seiyō Uchino, left), Denbée (Yoshiki Arizono, centre) and Takichi (Jiyū Arima, right) talk about how Nobunaga attacks Yoshimoto

Ritsu asks them why they worry about Suruga and Kansuke answers because the province is important for Kai. Then he meets Yoshimoto mediated by Yukimasa and advises him to capture Kiyosu Castle because Nobunaga will not hold it. However Yoshimoto who never believe him departs for Owari with his army and enter Ōtaka Castle that stands near Okehazama. Besides he decides to take a rest in Okehazama. After that Kansuke makes a second visit to Suruga on the pretext of telling Shingen's words to Jukeini.

Jukeini (Shiho Fujimura, right) realises the real intention of Kansuke

Kansuke tells her that the affair of Chōkyū was unavoidable and Jukeini accepts it. And kansuke also says that he hopes Yoshimoto does not enter Ōtaka Castle because Nobunaga can attack there easily but it is too late. Jukeini realises that Kansuke told Yoshimoto to capture Kiyosu Castle on purpose because he is always against his words (***). At that moment it begins raining. He says it is a welcome rain and leaves Suruga.

Yoshimoto (centre) who takes a rest is killed by the army of Oda Nobunaga

In Okehazama, the rain makes Yoshimoto's army relax completely. When it stops raining, Yoshimoto goes out of the verandah of the temple they stay at and is killed by the attack of Nobunaga in another moment. His head is brought to Suruga by OKABE Motonobu after negotiating with Nobunaga's vassal. It makes the Imagawa clan sad and Aya, wife of TAKEDA Yoshinobu grieves her father's death. OBU Toramasa suspects Kansuke's frequent visit to Suruga but he brazens it out that he had no intention. On the other hand, MATSUDAIRA Motoyasu who serves Yoshimoto holds Okazaki Castle, his family's castle and is rumoured that he betrays the Imagawa clan. 8 years later, Shingen attacks Suruga.

Imagawa Ujizane (Yūjirō Kazama, left) and Jukeini receive the head of Yoshimoto

(*) In reality, it is Denbée and Takichi who make Heizō escape.
(**) About the words, please see the post on him.
(***) In short, Yoshimoto is entrapped by Kansuke who knows his character well. And the rain is quite a welcome rain for him and Shingen. But his behaviour irritates Obu Toramasa who was moriyaku of Yoshinobu whose wife is from the Imagawa clan.

The images are from the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan".


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