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Fūrin Kazan 42 Gunshi to Gunshin (Kansuke Meets Kagetora at Mt. Kōya)

After defeating the Kiso clan, Kansuke returns to Osaka Kannon-in where Yu-u hime lived and finds Harunobu there. He says that he hold a polite funeral for her. Then he mentions his promise (of marriage) with her but Kansuke interrupts him and says that he hopes that Harunobu will govern Japan. Though he denies it, Kansuke asks him wait for a moment to go to Kyoto after beating NAGAO Kagetora as if he were the actual governoe of Japan already.

Kansuke (Seiyō Uchino) returns to Osaka kannonin, Suwa

Harunobu brings the flute that Sanjo Fujin gave Yu-u hime brings to Kai. But she tells her husband that he should posses it and asks him about Shirō. He answers that he will be brought by a proper man. Harunobu thinks that  Kansuke will be gloomy for a while and as he says, he visits the tomb of Yu-u hime and promises to bring Shirō up to a brilliant samurai and make his win first battle.

Shima (Akemi Ōmori, right) tells Kansuke that she decides to serve Shirō

And Kansuke says if it comes true, it's time he will exhaust his life span and will be with Yu-u hime again. After that Shirō and Shima move to Takatō Castle and Shirō is going to be educated by AKIYAMA Nobutomo, keeper of the castle. Kansuke offers Shima to serve him but she hopes to devote the rest of her life to Shirō. She thanks Kansuke to have given attention to Yu-u hime and makes sure that he should keep the promise with her.

Naoe Sanetsuna (Tokuma Nishsioka, left) and Usami Sadamitsu (Ken Ogata, second from the left) visit Sakato Castle and meet Nagao Masakage (Kenzō, centre) and Momo hime (Naomi Nishida, right)

In Echigo, some local rulers have territorial disputes and it involve the vassals of Kagetora. such disputes cause the rivalry between the two factions, those who formerly served the Uesugi clan and the others who served the Nagao clan. OKUMA Tomohide, who served Uesugi Norimasa before shows his anger but is warned by USAMI Sadamitsu. Kagetora remembers that his mother said that a real strong man needs no power when he became a boy monk in his childhood. After that he goes out of Kasugayama Castle. His elder sister Momo hime, wife of Nagao Masakage tells Sadamitsu and NAOE Sanetsuna that for Kagetora, his mother is the one and only existence whom he could trust.
Kansuke meets Sei-in (Kei Satō, left) after a long time

Kansuke goes to somewhere also. He sends Harunobu a letter that says he wants to have a leave and then he visits Muryō Kōin Temple in Mt. Kōya where he visited before serving the Takeda clan. But at the same time, Kagetora also visits there because he was given his Buddhist name Sōshin before. That night Kansuke approaches kagetora who chants sutra and they fight each other but was scolded heavily by Sei-in, chief priest of Muryō Kōin. he shows a Mandala, a Buddhist visual schema of the enlightened mind and explains the importance of harmony to them. It reminds Kansuke of the relationship between lord and his vassals.

Sei-in shows a Mandala to Kagetora (Gackt, right) and Kansuke

On the following day, they have breakfast together. Kansuke tells him that the death of Yu-u hime made him visit Mt.Koya and then they talk about the dispute of Kai and Echigo. However, if Kagetora defeats Harunobu, it's meaningless why he becomes a priest. Kagetora smiles wryly and says that he worries about it. And then Masakage and Sanetsuna with some attendants visit Kagetora with the vows of the vassals and ask him to return to Echigo. Kagetora learns that Tomohide starts a riot against Sadamitsu. He decides to go back and tells Kansuke who observes them secretly.  
"Tell your lord that I found an another enemy."

Kagetora's vassal ask him to go back to Echigo

Kansuke returns to Kai also and tells Harunobu and Hara Toratane that he wants to adopt Ritsu. They agree with it and Harunobu shouts,
"Yu-u, alow Kansuke to do so."
Kansuke introduces Ritsu to Denbée, Takichi and his family and hands her a wooden box he was given at Muryō Kōin. There is a statue of Marici in it. 

The images are from the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan"


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