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Atsu hime (Tenshō-in)

She was born as O-Ichi, daughter of SHIMAZU Tadatake who was the head of the Imaizumi Shimazu clan. Later she was adopted by Shimazu Nariakira and called herself Shimazu Atsuko (Atsu hime).

In 1856, she was then adopted by KONOE Tadahiro and married  YOKUGAWA Iesada who was a shogun at that time. However, her husband died in 1858 and Nariakira also died in the same year. Then she was tonsured (*) and was called Tenshō-in. After the death of Iesada, Iemochi succeeded him and he married Proncess Chikako (Kazunomiya). Though she was in discord with Kazunomiya, they reconciled later. But she disagreed with HITOSIBASHI Yoshinobu, the last shogun who succeeded Iemochi.

It is said that her marriage was used to make Yoshinobu succeed Iesada, but there is another view now. Why she married Iesada is said to share good luck of TOKUGAWA Ienari, the 11th shogun who lived long and had many children between his wife Kōdai-in from the Shimazu clan.

She was given jusanmi, Junior Third Rank when she became Tenshō-in. Just after the Meiji Restoration, she was deprived of the rank but was given it again after her death. And Ikushima, her lady-in waiting served her well. She made Tokugawa Iesato who was supposed to succeed Yoshinobu as the 16th shogun study abroad. 

In this series, she is described as an innocent young woman but later prepares herself for the marriage with Iesada. And she cooperates with Kichinosuke to get over a difficulty.

(*)When a woman was tonsured at that time, she didn't shave but cut her hair short.

The image shows Keiko Kitagawa as Atsu hime
(From the offivial website of "Segodon")

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