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Sego-don Episode 7 Senaka no Haha (The Death of Masa)

Ryūemon, Kichinosuke's grandfather died of tuberculosis. Kichibée regrets that he could not show him Kichinosuke's wife and tells him to marry Ijūin Suga. Kichibée shouts unless he marries anybody, his sister Koto will become an old maid and the words reach the ears of  ŌKUBO Shōsuke who lives next door, his pupils and Koto herself who helps the housework of the family. Kichinosuke is busy with his job but is hurried to marry Suga by Shōsuke.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) brings farmers a cow

At that time the US ships haunted near Japan. Then Shimazu Nariakira plans to be accompanied by some promising young men when he goes to Edo next time. Meanwhile Masa feels out of sorts because she was infected with tuberculosis of Ryūemon. She knows her days are numbered. She and Kichibée want to make Kichinosuke marry Suga as soon as possible and plans to train her as housekeeper of the family. Kichinosuke is too poor to make ceremonial dress and Suga is too blunt to be a bride. And she drinks up some cups of sake urged by OYAMA Kakunosuke and Kichibée without expression.  

Masa (Keiko Matsuzaka) is in bad shape while cooking

After that Masa lays out the futons Suga brought for the newly-married couple and says her that she will learn housekeeping under her from tomorrow. Then Suga apologises for her bluntness and being awkward. After Masa left there, Kichinosuke's younger brothers who are infant come there and enjoys the touch of their new futon. Suga's new life starts in the Saigō family.

Kichinosuke marries Ijūin Suga (Ai Hashimoto, left)

One day Kichinocuke and Kichijirō catch an eel and bake it for Masa. But she thinks of her children and never eats it. Then she offers Suga it and she who is unable to read the situation eats it in an insensitive manner. Kimi asks her whether she is acclimatized to her new family but she says honestly that she cannot say. Kichibée tells his mother that she married his son for this family and he also was asked to marry Masa. But she made an effort to love him and he advises Suga that she should love Kichinosuke first and foremost.
However, he is found dead on the next morning.

Friends of Kichinosuke wonder why he is not selected

Kichibée dies only two months after Ryūemon passed away. Suga emphasises that it needs to bury a doll to avoid another death but Kimi says it's a superstition and she never has heard such a thing until then. But Masa's condition becomes worse. Soon after those who accompany Nariakira's alternate attendance (sankin Kōtai) is announced but Kichinosuke is not selected.  Masa knows that he refused it to nurse her.

Kichinosuke carries his mother on his back to show her Mt. Sakurajima

Kichinosuke tells Masa to go for a hot-spring cure but she asks him to show her Mt. Sakurajima. She remembers that she and Kichibée brought him there when he was a baby and wished he would grow up as strongly-built as the mountain. Masa is delighted with her son's thoughtfulness and dies on his back. It was the 29th of November, 1552. Her last words are "I am happy for being a mother of Saigō Kichinosuke".

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