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Fūrin Kazan 39 Kawanakajima! Ryūko Gekitotsu (The First Battle of Kawanakajima)

NAGAO Kagetora atttacks Shinano with his 8,000 soldiers in August, 1553.  Harunobu who is based on Shioda Castle formerly occupied by MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo learns Kagetora's attack and sends reinforcement to Maki Castle. The castle is kept by Kosaka Chikuzennokami and Kasuga Toratsuna. Toratsuna, who learned stratagem from Kansuke tells him that they won't attack the castle and goes to Sai River.

Nagao Kagetora (Gackt, centre) and his vassals

In the meantime, Ritsu visits Kansuke's house and finds O-kuma is taking a nap. She tells Ritsu that she worried about her son in Harunobu's army and could not sleep.Ritsu says that's why she rests in the daytime. And in Suwa, Yu-u hime sees a dragonfly. When Shima tells her that the Nagao Army invades Shinano, she says that Harunobu will win because she saw the insect of good luck (*).

Kōsaka Chikuzannokami (Hisayuki Nakajima, left) and Kasuga Toratsuna (Kōtarō Tanaka) at Maki Castle

kansuke decides to strengthen the defense of Muroga Castle in northern Shinano to forearm themselves against attack. But they are still based on Shioda Castle because he plans to lure Kagetora who attempts to kill Harunobu. Many castles in northern Shinano fall and it irritates Nobushige and Morozumu Torasada. However, Kansuke thinks Kagetora will depart for Sakaki CAstle but USAMI Sadamitsu advises his lord not to do so.

Kansuke (Seiyō Uchino) considers how to beat Kagetora

NAOE Sanetuna advises Kagetora to assault Shinano but it is against his policy. Then he and his soldiers dare to pass through the points where are strongly defended the Takeda Army and approaches Fukashi Castle kept by BABA Nobuharu. Then Harunobu dispatches Torasada, OBU Masakage and other soldiers to Kariyahara Castle that is close to the headquarter of Kagetora. This is a war of wits of Kansuke and Sadamitsu. And Torasada remembers that Nobuharu blamed him before (**).

Morozumi Torasada (Takeshi Katō, centre), Obu Masakage (far left) and other soldiers enter Kariyahara Castle

Harunobu hopes to move to Fukashi Castle but Kansuke stops him. At last he orders the soldiers of Torasada move to the Castle. Harunobu tells Kansuke to live long in preparation for the battles against Echigo in the future. And in the castle, Denbe-é  (Denbei) is asked by Mokichi, son of Takichi who does Kagetora look like. He answers that he looks exactly like  himself and Mokichi realises that's why the enemy general is kept away many women (***). 

Both Takeda Nobushige (Noritoshi Kashima, left) and Torasada apologise to Harunobu for ignoring his order.

Then Harunobu learns that Torasada and his soldiers returned to Kariyahara Castle. Torasada orders them to kill Kagetora who will attack the castle. Nobuharu is surprised to hear that and Kansuke makes a night-attack on the army of Kagetora. They vanish into the night and Torasada is going to punished for having been against Harunobu's order. He tells him that he couldn't retire because of the deaths of his two sons and has lived in disgrace.

Harunobu (ICHIKAWA Kamejirō, right) and Kansuke confront Nagao kagetora

Harunobu tells him that if he regards his military exploits in the past as disgrace, he should continue to live in disgrace for him. And when he hears Nobushige, Nobuharu and Kansuke worried about his safety, he sheds tears. However, KOMAI Masatake informs him that Kagetora and his soldiers who retreated return to Shinano again. Harunobu makes an appearance and confronts Kagetora on the opposite side of Chikuma River. Kagetora runs his horse to the bank followed by Sadamitsu and greets Harunobu. Then they go back to Echigo. Thus the First Battle of Kawanakajima is over without having a showdown.

Kagetora and USAMI Sadamitsu (Ken Ogata, left) greets their enemy and return

(*) Probably it reminds her of ITAGAKI Nobukata who is symbolised by the insect in this series.
(**) It seems that BABA Nobuharu's words in this episode weighs on his mind and he decides to distinguish himself though ignoring Harunobu's order.
(***) In actually, Denbe-é  looks nothing like Kagetora.

The images are from the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan".


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