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TAKEDA Nobukado

TAKEDA Nobukado was a son of Takeda Nobutora and Ōi Fujin, and one of the younger brothers of Harunobu. As he and Harunobu were alike, he is said to have acted his double.

He acted as liaison between Harunobu and other daimyos as IMAGAWA Yoshimoto. And he also participated in some battles as the Foutrh Battle of Kawanakajima and the Battle of Nagashino. After the death of Harunobu, he took his father Nobutora who was exiled to Sugruga by Harunobu in Takato-o Castle. In 1582, when the Allied Forces of ODA Nobunaga and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu invaded Kai, he retreated but killed by the vassals of MORI Nagayoshi.

He was good at painting and painted the portraits of his parents.

In this series, he is described as a man who likes drawing. And he acts as secretary of Harunobu and negotiates with Imagawa Yoshimoto together with KOMAI Masatake.

The image shows Toshinobu Matsuo as Takeda Nobukado
(From the DVD series of "Furin Kazan")


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