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ŌKUBO Shōsuke (Ichizō, Toshimichi)

ŌKUBO Shōsuke was a samurai who served the Shimazu clan and then became a politician. He was born in 1830 as the eldest son of ŌKUBO Toshiyo and Fuku.

Shōsuke in his childfood (Tatsuki Sawamura)

SAIGŌ Kichinosuke had been close since his childhood. He was not good at swordsmanship because of being dyspeptic but was a scholar. Though he served the domain in 1846, so-called O-Yura sōdō (*) made him be confined to his house and his father was transported due to it. After Shimazu Nariakira became the lord of Satsuma, he was reinstated to his former position. IN 1857, he was promoted to okonando yaku, assistant to the lord.

In 1862, he was given the name "Ichizō" by Shimazu Hisamitsu, father of Tadayoshi who succeeded Nariakira. Then he backed Hisamitsu and tried to strengthen the organisation of Tokugawa shogunate and tied up with IWAKURA Tomomi, a lower-class aristocrat. In 1865, he changed his name Toshimichi but was usually called Ichizō (**). Around this time, he and his comrades planned to start an armed revolution to overthrow the shogunate at first but TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu restored the government to the emperor and retired in October, 1867.

Then they carried out the restoration of the Imperial rule. After that the Boshin war broke out. The army of Satsuma and Chōshū defeated their enemy and he became a councilor after that. Then he participated in a group of inspectors that visited European countries and the US. After returning to Japan, he opposed his old friend Saigō Kichinosuke and developed the new government. He also put down the riots of the former samurais who were against the government. In 1877, he commanded the government army when the Satsuma Rebellion led by Kichinosuke occurred.

On the 14th of May 1878, he was killed by the former samurais from Ishikawa and Shimane at Kioizaka, Tokyo.

In Kagoshima, he was regarded as the enemy of Saigō Kichinosuke and it was 1979 when his statue was put up in his hometown.

In this series, he is described as calm and reasonable man. However, he is not only serious but also very human and has a relationship with Kichinosuke based on friendly rivalry.

(*) An internal squabble over headship right in the Shimazu clan.
(**) At that time, samurai had two kinds of names, tsushō and imina. Shōsuke or Ichizō is tsushō but Toshimichi is imina.

The image shows Eita as Ōkubo Shōsuke


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