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Sego-don Episode 3 Kodomo wa Kuni no Takara (The Unforgettable Words of Nariakira) 2

That night Kichonouke and Kumakichi lodge at the house. The next morning Kichinosuke finds a group includes the boy who stole the potatoes. 

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki, second from the right) asks Akayama Yukié to help Hanjirō's family

He speaks to them and learns that they originally belong to the samurai class. Because of the poverty, they cannot go on living and decided to leave Satsuma. But it's hard for them to be samurai again if they leave without permission. At last they are persuaded by Kichinosuke and return to home. Soon after he is blamed by his boss that he helped farmers decamp but Yukié arbitrates between them. It seems that Shōsuke jumped to the wrong conclusion about it. Kichinosuke asks Yukié to guarantee the fields of Hanjirō's family. Yukié tells Kichinosuke and Shōsuke that "he" receives their opinions.

Zusho Hirosato (Raita Ryū) at Edo Castle
"He" is Nariakira, needless to say. In Edo, his children die in succession and it's rumoured that O-Yura cursed them to death. In December 1848, ZUSHO Hirosato visits Edo Castle and is questioned about the document that Nariakira turned in by ABE Masahiro, who is rōjū shuza (head rōjū). Though the injustice of Narioki is disclosed in it, Hirosato insists that it's not Narioki but him who did it. But Masahiro intends to expel Narioki from his position and Nariakira who appears there tells him that both Satsuma and Japan should advance. After that, he invites Hirosato to a drinking party but he commits suicide by poisoning. Nariakira regrets his death.

O-Yura (Rumiko Koyanagi, left) tells her son Hisamitsu (Munetaka Aoki) that she is abused and will be killed by the supporters of Nariakira

Narioki is furious with what Nariakira did. And O-Yura tells Hisamitsu that those who support Nariakira abuse her and she will be killed by them. It causes the purge of the supporters of Nariakira and Kichinosuke and his friends worry about such situation. While they discuss it, Kichibe-é comes home and drinks water to calm him down. Then he announces his family and Kichinosuke's friends that Akayama Yukié will be executed.

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