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Sego-don Episode 3 Kodomo wa Kuni no Takara (The Unforgettable Words of Nariakira) 1

Kichinosuke continues sending letters about not only the poverty of farmers but that of samurais also. In Satsuma domain, the proportion of samurai is high and they are forced to suffer from poverty.

Kichinosuke (Ryohei Suzuki) shoots a boar

One day Kichinosuke and Kumakichi, servant of his family shoot a big boar used as food but each of them insists that it's him who shot it. Kumakichi finally lets Kichinosuke have the credit for it but he prances just as if he had shot it by himself. When they return, Shingo, one of younger brothers of Kichinosuke has a stomachache. But they have not enough money to make him get a medical examination because Ryūemon, Kichinosuke's grandfather consults a doctor. Kichinosuke plans to pawn his sword but is stopped by his mother Masa. Then he plans to sell the boar but is stopped by his father Kichibe-é.

Kichinosuke (left) and Kichibe-é (Morio Kazama) check the money on the roadside

Kichibe-é says that he is going to borrow some money but Kichinosuke tells him to sell their house and make money. There come OKUBO Jiemon and his son Shōsuke. Jiemon tells Kichibe-é that there is nobody who lends him money. Then AKAYAMA Yukie who realises that he has no money introduces a village headman called Itagaki. They visit him and Kichibe-é asks him to lend him money but he seems to hesitate to do so. Kichinosuke decides to prostrate himself and explains the financial situation of his family without holding anything back. Kichibe-é prostrates himself also and they succeed in borrowing the money. But the debt carried over to later generations.

A boy called Hanjirō* (Rukito Nakamura) fights against farmers with his stick

At that moment Kichinosuke sees a young boy holding sweet potatoes and is chased by some farmers. The boy who is called Hanjirō insists that both the potatoes and the fields from which he stole them belong to his family. Kichinosuke is surprised at his swordplay though his arm is not a sword but a stick. He thinks he is from a samurai family but he is nothing less than a beggar because of the transportation of his father.

Kichinosuke (left), Kumakichi (Muga Tsukaji, centre) gives O-Ishi (Sumie Sasaki) two bags of rice

Kichibe-é buys many bags of rice and calls a doctor for Shingo. He and his family eat rice with relish and Kumakichi asks him to bring some bags of rice to his retlative O-Ishi.  Kichinosuke and Kumakichi visit her with two bags loaded on a two-wheeled cart. O-Ishi is delighted to meet her againand pleases with the rice. They are the reward for her who often sent some food to the Saigō family in trouble.

(*) The boy became to help and serve Kichinosuke later.

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