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Sego-don Epidode 1 "Satsuma no Yassenbo" (A Useless Fellow of Satsuma) 3

At that time armoured Hisamitsu on horseback approaches them and learns that Shita-Kajiyamachi Gōchū won. Kokichi is surprised with the man who accompanies him because he is the "Tengu", SHIMAZU Nariakira. Yukié introduces him as the heir of the Shimazu clan and Nariakira tells them that Satsuma will be peaceful if they support the clan. That night a party is held at the house of Kokichi and his father Kichibe-é really enjoys it because his son was spoken to by Nariakira. But the words of Nariakira and Ito weigh on Kokichi's mind.

The samurai accompanies Hisamitsu is the "Tengu", Nariakira (Ken Watanabe)

Kokichi disguises himself as a girl and goes out. Then he is collided with a man who pulls a cart and is yelled that a girl should walk the side of the road. And he sees the washing of men is separated from that of woman on the bank of Kōtsuki River. Ito sees him from the top of the bridge. But at that moment Kichibe-é appears and scolds him. After that he tells his father that he wants to serve Nariakira closely but Kichibe-é says it's beyond his social position. And He tells his son not to have an inordinate ambition and live a steadily life like him. Then he says that he keeps the ambition in the heart until it comes true.

Kokichi (Ao Watanabe) practices swordsmanship

Kokichi improves his skill of swordsmanship. But one day he is injured his right shoulder by a lad called ODA Eisaku with his sword. He hates him due to the loss at Myōenji Mairi but drawing sword in Gochu is prohibited. His father tells him to commit hara-kiri though Kichibe-é tries to smooth things over. Eisaku and his father finally accept it and Eisaku grins secretly. It makes Kokichi feel unpleasant. A local doctor sees him and says it's hopeless (*). He cannot do practice swing of bamboo sword any more. Masa prays for his recovery.

About that time, Nariakira enjoys shooting with Hisamitsu. Nariakira plans to go to the Ryukyu Islands and Qing that is fighting against the British Armed forces. There Kokichi appears and it surprises him. Kokichi weeps and says that he is not worth living because he cannot use a sword any more. Nariakira thunders at him and tells him not to die. He says,
"The era of the samurai with swords will end soon and new samurai should listen to common people. Try to be a new samurai."
Kokichi asks him to meet again and Nariakira declares that he will meet him if he becomes strong in mind and body.  However, there is no historical fact that he was in Satsuma in 1840.

Kokichi happens to meet Nariakira while he enjoys shooting

Yukié shows the boys of Shita-Kajiyamachi and Koremachi the world map and they know that Japan is small and the word "cagonxina" means "Kagoshima". And they climb Mt. Shiroyama and sink letters "cagonxina" into a stone. All of the boys hope to serve the lord of the domain and it's them who established the Meiji Government later.

(*) The role of the doctor is played by Yōsuke Yamashita, a jazz pianist. His ancestor is from Satsuma and knew SAIGŌ Kichinosuke well.

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