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Fūrin Kazan 36 Shukumei no Onna (The Fates of the Four Women)

Kansuke who was told to investigate O-Goto hime, new concubine of Harunobu by Yu-u hime goes to Sekisuiji temple where she stays. But he meets Ritsu by chance there. She is told to tidy up the detached room of the temple and makes him meet O-Goto hime who is pregnant. She is from the Aburakawa clan that became to serve the Takeda clan because her grandfather was killed by TAKEDA Nobutora. But she says that she loves Harunobu better that Yu-u hime does.

Ritsu (Aki Maeda) finds Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino) at Sekisuiji

Kansuke tells her that she is tolerant and accepts what he says. He says that Harunobu has not only Yoshinobu, but another son is his heir also. And the children of O-Goto hime will be lower than in order of succession. And Ōi Fujin meets Yu-u hime and tells her that she has noble mind and still is the member of the Suwa clan at heart. Her existence is important for the relationship of both clans and a woman who takes responsibility of her parent's home is sad and strong. Meanwhile Tarō instructs his half brother Shirō swordsmanship.

Ōi Fujin (Jun Fubuki, left) meets Yu-u hime (Miyuki Shibamoto)

Harunobu tells Kansuke not to worry about Yu-u hime. However, Kansuke planned to talk about the alliance with IMAGAWA Yoshimoto. As Harunobu's sister who married Yoshimoto died, it requires new hostage who mediates between the clans. Then Kansuke suggests to Harunobu that Yoshinobu should marry Aya, daughter of Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto is dissatisfied with it but TAIGEN sessai declares that Aya will take the backbone out of Yoshinobu. On the other hand, he worries if Shiro succeeds Harunobu, Kansuke will interrupt the management of the Takeda clan. 

Imagawa Yoshimoto (Shōsuke Tanihara) is dissatisfied with the marriage

Yoshimoto asks TAKEDA Nobukado and KOMAI Masatake who visit him as messengers who planned the marriage. Tactful Masatake answers it's Harunobu himself. Yoshimoto suspects that Kansuke interrupts it but he says that Kansuke is a low level vassal and only those who have a close relationship to Harunobu can manage the clan. Harunobu worries that Yoshinobu will be angry with him if he invades Suruga in the future. But he is not keen on making his daughter marry Ujizane, heir of Yoshimoto.

Kansuke (left) visits Oyamada Nobuari (Seiichi Tanabe) who has a son between his concubine Miru hime

After that Kansuke visits OYAMADA Nobuari. He also suspects that Kansuke interrupted the marriage but he tells Nobuari that Harunobu orders him to inform HOJO Ujiyasu, rival of Harunobu and Yoshimoto of the marriage in an appropriate manner.  Then Nobuari tells him if Harunobu fights against Yoshimoto, it will encourage the Suwa people (*). Besides he says the behaviour of the woman who devotes herself to her child(ren) is beyond men's imagination. He also talks about his concubine Miru hime. She gave birth a son but it was two months earlier than expected.

Kansuke gives Shirō a lesson

Nobuari suspects whether his son Fujiōmaru is his real child or not but he celebrated the birth and appreciated Miru hime. And he says that Kansuke thinks Yu-u hime is above Harunobu and tells him to support her. His words really get  to the point. But soon after Fujiōmaru dies (**). Kansuke gives Shirō a severe lesson in swordsmanship before he and Yu-u hime return to Suwa, as if Shiro were his real child. And a girl is born between Harunobu and O-Goto hime.

Oyamada Yasaburō (Yōsuke Asari) visits Harunobu

In January 1552, Oyamada Yasaburō, heir of Nobuari visits Harunobu and tell him that his father was stabbed by his concubine and died while asleep. The concubine is Miru hime. the affair gives rise to all sorts of speculation among the vassals but only Kansuke insists that he tried to rear Fujiōmaru as if he were his real son even though his efforts became in vain. Miru hime told to her dead father, former husband and son that she revenged on Nobuari and then killed herself. Harunobu announces that he died of illness officially.

Miru hime (Yōko Maki) commits suicide

And Ōi-Fujin meets Kansuke for the first time. She begins to talk about Yu-u hime "as mother of Harunobu".

(*) Because it will damage the possibility of Yoshinobu's succession to the head of the clan and Shirō will be the head.
(**) The feeling of relief of Nobuari after his death makes Miru hime angry.
(***) Her father HIRAGA Genshin and former husband KASAHARA Kiyoshige were killed by the Takeda Army.


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