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Shōgatsu Jidaigeki "Fū-unjitachi, Rangaku Reboryūshi Hen" 2

The latter half of this year's shōgatsu jidaigeki.

Ryōtaku dares to continue translating despite the threat of arrest. And Genpaku visits Katsuragawa Hosan, a ranpō-i and father of Hoshū who serves shogun and asks him to prevent "kanpo-i"s (*) from stopping the publication of the book. But Hoshū worries that he is easily influenced by those around him. After that, they are attacked by the assassins employed by the kanpō-is maybe. Then a samurai who is a master swordsman appears and strikes them with the back of his sword. He is called HAYASHI Shihei who serves Sendai Domain and later writes "Kaikoku Heidan" that describes the importance of coastal defense.

Katsuragawa Hosan (Takeo Nakahara), father of Hoshū

Around this time, the translation is left up to Ryōtaku who is eager to increase the accuracy of the translation. Genpaku visits SUHARAYA Ichibe-e, owner of the publisher but he denies it because he knows nothing about medicine and is not confident it will sell well. So Genpaku tells him that about 100,000 doctors in Japan will buy it. Then Ichibe-e admits it and accepts the publication. Ryōtaku thanks for his effort and says that he was born to do the work. And he shows two new Japanese terms, "komaku" and "jyunishicho", equivalents of tympanum and duodenum. However he notes well each word and phrases and does not allow Genpaku to publish it for a while. Then Genpaku asks him to publish a set of the illustrations of human body and the descriptions first. The set id titled "Kaitai Yakuzu" and the book is titled "Kaitai Shinsho".

Sugita Genpaku (Shinya Niiro, left) asks Suharaya Ichibe-e (Ken-ichi Endō)to publish the book

Ryotaku's name isn't written in "Kaitai Yakuzu". It makes Tamako dissatisfied but Ryotaku tells her that he does not directly concern with it. Genpaku thinks if he is arrested for it, Ryotaku will succeed his work. Jun-an asks him how he should do in that case but Genpaku tsays he and Jun-an will be arrested together. At that time Gennai returns from Chichibu and meets TANUMA Okitsugu with Genpaku. He shows "erekiteru" in front of Okitsugu. And Genpaku shows "Kaitai Yakuzu" in a box and he puts some gold coins underneath it. Okitsugu smiles wryly and says the sum is so small and he finally returns them to him. Then he encourages Genpaku to sell it as much as he can. He intends to improve the financial situation in Japan make money to prepare for the opening Japan to the world.

Yoshio Kōgyū (Fumiyo Kohinata) checks the manuscript of "Kaitai Shinsho"

Gennai then visits Akita for mine development. And Ryōtaku visits YOSHUIO Kōgyū, a high-ranking interpreter between Japanese and Dutch at Nagasakiya, the hotel where Capitan (head of the trading house in Nagasaki)and his staff always stay when they visit Edo (**). Kōgyū praises him and says that he did a good work. However Ryōtaku is discontented because he has nobody who gives him advice anymore. And in January 1774, Gennai introduces ODANO Busuke, a samurai who serves Akita Domain to Genpaku. He learned western painting from Gennnai and exceeds Gennai in painting now. He draws the illustration of viscera and muscle and the preparation of the publication is completed.

Genpaku (right) asks Odano Busuke (Ryō Katō) to draw the illustrations

In spite of it, Ryōtaku still hopes to increase the accuracy of the translation and he asks Genpaku to wait three years to make a perfect translation. And he shows another nre Japanese terms "shinkei", equivalent of nerve. Genpaku says he cannot accept it and blames him. He tells him that he is afraid that his reputation will be ruined by mistranslation. Besides he persuades Ryōtaku that if there is an error in translation, someone who succeeds him can correct it. Then he admits the publication and asks Genpaku not to add his name as translator in the book and puts everything into his hands. Jun-an advises Genpaku that he seems to monopolise the fame of publishing "Kaitai Shinsho". But he doesn't mind it and it's just what he wanted to bring out into the world.

Genpaku (centre) opposes Maeno Ryōtaku (KATAOKA Ainosuke) and is mediated by Nakagawa Jun-an (Shingo Murakami)

Ryōtaku doesn't hope to inscribe his name in history but it makes Tamako feel unhappy. Both Ryotaku and Genpaku think that they prefer the progress of medicine than fame and value their belief. But Ryotaku precedes the quality of the translation, while Genpaku precedes the timing. In June 1772, "Kaitai Shinsho" is on sale and Jun-an brings a copy to Ryotaku. He notices that his name is not in the book. And kanpo-is press Katsuragawa Hosan when they hear the book is presented to TOKUGAWA Ieharu, the shogun. But Okitsugu appears there and it is Ieharu who judges its value and ignores them.

  A group of kanpo-is press Hosan

In the residence of Nakatsu Domain in Edo, OKUDAIRA Masaka, lord of the domain mentions SUGITA Genpaku and says "Kaitai Shinsho" is the translation of "Ontleedkundige Tafelen". Though Ryōtaku couldn't serve him as doctor during the translation, he tells him that it's also important to leave something to the future generations. He also says that Ryōtaku is nothing but a monster of Dutch language and the words influence his pen name later. Meanwhile  Okitsugu talks to Gennai in his residence that Genpaku contributed to Dutch studies but Ryōtaku could not. Gennai says that the history is made by many unknown people but Okitsugu will win an immortal fame if it is good or bad. And he says he is too versatile to contribute for a specific purpose.

Tanuma Okitsugu (Masao Kusakari, left) and Hiraga Gennai (Kōji Yamamoto) at Okitsugu's residence

Nearly twenty years have passed. Mineko asks his father not to break the promise with Tamako who has already died. She asked Ryōtaku to attend the party of the kanreki of Genpaku before her death. In it, his seventieth birthday is to be celebrated also. Then he changes his clothes and goes to Genpaku's house by palaquin. He is escorted by YASUOKA Genshin and meets Genpaku for the first time in a long time. Genpaku weeps and hugs Ryōtaku.

Genpaku (right) is pleased to meet Ryōtaku again

(*) Doctor of Chinese medicine that was the mainstream of the treatment of shogun and his family.
(**) Capitan and his staff visited shogun on a regular basis. The word capitan originates from capitão that means chief trader in Portuguese. The word was still used though the main trading partner of Japan changed from Portugal to the Netherlands.

The images are from the video of "Fū-unjitachi, Rangaku Reboryūshi Hen".


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