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My Impressions on "Onna Joshu Naotora"

I write about my impressions on "Onna Joshu Naotora". Needless to say, this is my personal opinion.

At first, I really enjoyed Tomboyish O-Towa, her family and friends and her negotiation with IMAGAWA Yoshimoto despite being a little girl made me expect the development of the story. And the words of the Zen sect and medieval customs and things in it are interesting.


However, the situation changes after she becomes a chatelaine and ruler of Ii-no-ya. She becomes to do or say things that are convenient to her. And ONO Masatsugu, who should oppose her in various respects until his death takes her side. Beside the priests in Ryotanji Temple and her mother Yuchinn-ni (Chika) become to accept everything she says.


Then things go smoothly according to her plan. It is impossible and lacks the charm of Taiga Drama series. Most of the series in the past, the main character overcomes difficulties and grows up and it attracted many viewers. Indeed the Ii clan is destroyed by the army of TAKEDA Shingen, Naotora marries Ryuunmaru after it and lives a happy life as farmer but insists that she never transfers the headship of the clan to Toramatsu, later Naomasa. It's strange. Maybe this is not the series we Japanese think what the series should be.


Such fictional scenes are often seen in the series "Hana Moyu", broadcast in 2015 and it was attacked in the press. But this year medias seem to hesitate to criticise the series. It is unnatural though it is still criticised or blamed on the internet. And the scene of the execution of Masatsugu is unnatural also. Just after the broadcast of the episode, a CD that contains a song whose theme is his death was on sale. It's a kind of viral marketing but I doubt it is proper to do such business using Taiga Drama series. It's the line that should not be crossed but the production crew crossed it...


The audience rating of "Hana Moyu" went up in the latter half of the series but "Onna Joshu Naotora" didn't. Its rating was low for the series that is set in Sengoku period but the executive producers Yukie Okamoto and Hirotoshi Matsukawa and Yoshiko Morishita, who writes the scenario show no sign of regret. They learn very few things or nothing from the failure of "Hana Moyu", the series doesn't describe the details of the affairs in the middle of the 19th century and that's one of the reasons why it's criticised.


SUGI Fumi, main character of "Hana Moyu" is a younger sister of YOSHIDA Shoin is surrounded by four men includes her brother Shoin. And in "Onna Joshu Naotora", the story developes O-Towa (Naotora) and four men - II Naochika, ONO Masatsugu, Ryuunmary and Toramatsu (Manchiyo), later II Naomasa. The two series are similar in this respect also.

However I'm satisfied with the description of IMAGAWA Ujizane in this series. It7s not too good but not too bad. If the Imagawa clan had been featured, I could have enjoyed it more. Anyway, I hope to watch solid one next year.


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