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To the Readers of My Posts on Taiga Drama in English

Men's Fashion in the 16th Century Japan

6. Armour and battlefield

<Yoroi> (Japanese armour)

As there were many battled in the 16th century Japan, samurais had many opportunities to wear armours. Many of them wore traditional ones but some of them favoured the armours  influenced by those of western countries as time passed.

Takeda Harunobu (right) and his vassal Itagaki Nobukata in "Furin Kazan"

Ii Naomori in "Onna Joshu Naotora"

Armour of Hojo Ujinao designed with a western influence in "Sanada Maru"

Western style helmet (Kabuto) of Hojo Ujimasa, father of Ujinao


Some samurais were appointed to HORO MUSHA in battles. They usually were messengers and packs a protector to prevent them from receiving arrows. In ancient times, they wore cloth but later it changed into a protector covered with yellow or red cloth.The protector resembled a big basket.

Not only horo, messengers of some clans carried flags like "Mukade shu" of the Takeda clan. Those who could carry them are elites who were selected from the sons of senior vassals.

Sanada Nobushige as horo musha in the Siege of Odawara in 1590 (Sanada Maru)

Mukade shu, the messengers carry the flags with the design of centipede

<Headquarters and bases>

Headquarters or bases were surrounded by the tents with family crest. General or commander had a war council in them. They sat on shogi, a kind of collapsible stool and a table was consisted of shields and shogis. And the flags are raised as in the image.

The headquarter of Takeda Harunobu in "Furin Kazan"

In war council, go stones are used to position a battle array.

From "Furin Kazan"
In many battles, main weapons were spears, arrow and bows and swords. But from the middle 16th century, matchlocks became to be used.

Kansuke and Denbei are instructed how to use matchlock from Tsuda Kenmotsu in "Furin Kazan"

During the winter campaign of the Siege of Osaka, TOKUGAWA Ieyasu used a field culverin to threat Chacha (Lady Yodo), mother of TOYOTOMI Hideyori. This is said to have been imported from England.

Field culverin of Tokugawa Ieyasu in "Sanada Maru"

To tell the truth, cannons were not so much used in the Sengoku period. This is one of the few examples that a cannon overwhelmed the enemy in Japan at that time.

The images are the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora", the DVD series and the video of "Sanada Maru" and "Furin Kazan".


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