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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 50 Ishi o Tsugu Mono (Naomasa Carries out the Intention of the Deceased)

After the Honnoji Incident, AKECHI Mitsuhide is defeated by HASHIBA Hideyoshi. TOKUGAWA Ieyasu knows it on his way to support Hideyoshi. Then he plans to invade the territory of Nobunaga and opposes the Hojo clan. O-Towa thinks to take Jinen to a hidden village but Manchiyo appears and tells her to hand over the boy to him. And O-Dai no kata, who also appears there (*) orders her to do so. But O-Towa and Ketsuzan resuse their request and tell them he is a son of Nobunaga. Besides they show a tea cup given by Nobunaga before and says it's in return to look after him. After that he becomes a monk and O-Towa still lives Ii-no-ya to take care of unfortunate people though many of her relatives left there. But she becomes to have a fit of coughing occasionally.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) looks after Jinen

O-Towa visits Kondo Yasumochi and tells him to continue to have a relationship with him but becomes ill and is forced to be laid up with it. Nankei tells her that her cold gets worse and she tells him that she hopes to survive and see that Japan is united under the flag of Ieyasu and the Ii clan will unite under their flag again. One night she who cannot sleep hears the sound of a flute sound and goes to the well of Ryugu-kozo. There she finds young Naochika (Kamenojo) and Masatsugu (Tsurumaru). And young Ryuunmaru (**) appears there. They offer her who is also a girl now to join them. But she says she still has something to do more and then stopped by a man in yellow clothes (Ryugo-kozo?).  

O-Towa meets Naochika ans Masatsugu in their childhood by the well of Ryugu-kozo

Next morning Koten brings sake to the well and finds O-Towa dead. Koten knows that she suffers tuberculosis. There is a flute by the side of her and it is the one Manchiyo searched in the headquarter of Ieyasu. In her funeral, Nankei doesn't chant sutra for her because the order goes wrong. Her coffin is brought to a hidden village. Then Nankei gives Manchiyo a white stone of go to him and tells him never forget the spirit of the Iis. Then Manchiyo negotiates with the Hojo clan well and celebrates his genpuku at last. He calls himself Naomasa and many samurais concerned with the Iis rally round him. Takase gets married  and Naomasa distinguishes himself in the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute. The Ii clan becomes one of great daimyos under the Tokugawa shogunate (***).

Ii Naomasa (Masaki Suda) at the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute

The series finished last Sunday and I will write about "Sego-don", Taiga Drama series in 2018 in addition to other series includes "Furin Kazan" next year. Anyway this series seems to be far from what Taiga Drama series should be.

I will upload about what I felt or thought about the series later - maybe after Christmas.

(*) She appears there suddenly and it is not clear how she comes there.
(**) Needless to say, O-Towa gets to knows Ryuunmaru as an adult man and it's impossible for her to recognise him in his childhood. In the episode, the ship he goes aboard as interpreter wrecks and it kills him when O-Towa meets Kamenojo and Tsurumaru.
(***) Ii Naomasa was wounded in the Battle of Sekigahara and died of it in 1602.


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