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Furin Kazan 34 Sanada no Honkai (Sanada Yukitaka Obtains His Cherished Desire)

In 1551, Kansuke returns to the headquarter of TAKEDA Harunobu in Fukashi castle, Shinano. He reports to Harunobu what he saw in Echigo and NAGAO Kagetora is not a samurai but a priest who worships Vaisravana. Harunobu's vassals are surprised that he fights for the justice only, not to invade other daimyo's territory. Harunobu tells Kansuke that the Takeda Army will fight against Murakami Yoshikiyo and his soldiers who support OGASAWARA Nagatoki again. He also tells him that he is to blame for the defeat at Toishi Castle.

Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino, centre) returns to the headquarter of Takeda Harunobu

BABA Nobuharu insists that the defeat in the Siege of Toishi is caused by the mistake of SANADA Yukitaka.Yukitaka worries about it and considers what he should do but AIKI Ichibei says that he should take responsibility. Then Kansuke advises Yukitaka to trap all vassals of Yoshikiyo in the castle but Yukitaka says it's impossible and even his son can conceive such an idea. 

Kansuke (centre) talks with Sanada Yukitaka (Kuranosuke Sasaki, left) and Aiki Ichibei (Yoshimasa Kondo) about the restoration of the Unno clan
Kansuke suggests to him to restore the Unno clan (*). If it realises, his relatives who opposes him as TOKITA Takanaga or KAWAHARA Takamasa will become to take his side. And Takamasa raises a girl who is a daughter of former head of the clan. Then Harunobu decides to make his second son Ryuho, who is a priest and blind marry her. The Unno clan is linked to those with visual disorders by fate and Kansuke is one-eyed. Yukitaka accepts the offer of marriage.

Sunohara Wakasanokami (Sakae Kimura, left) departs for Kozuke with Hazuki (Juri Manase)

Then he sends Sunohara Wakasanokami to Takamasa to deliver his letter and he departs for Kozuke under Hazuki's guidance. After that, Shinome takes Gentazaemon, who gives his younger brothers lessons in spear to a shrine. On their way, she gives her servant a slip and visits TOKIDA Takanaga, younger brother of Yukitaka. Meanwhile, SUNOHARA Sozaemon tells Yukitaka that Takamasa reaches Chiisagata.  

Sanada Gentazaemon (Fumito Moriwaki, left) and his younger brothers Tokujiro (Shuichi Azumaya, centre**) and Gengoro (Kaito Kobayashi***)

Shinome and Gentazaemon ask him to take the side of Yukitaka but he won't listen to what they say and thinks it is at the instigation of Yukitaka though it's not true. He also ignores the restoration of the Unno clan and at last Gentazaemon tells him that he will commit hara-kiri if he still looks on Yukitaka as an enemy. However, immediately after his words, Shinome asks him to take her husband's side in exchange for her life. She is stopped by Fukai who formerly served Yukitaka.

Shinome (Misa Shimizu) unsheathe a dagger to kill herself

Yukitaka and Takamasa appear at that time and Takanaga finally admits what his brother insists on. Takamasa intends to serve Harunobu. Then Yukitaka reproves his wife and son but also praises them, especially the courageousness of Shinome. And Hazuki, who disguises herself as a maid of Yoshikiyo fires Toishi Castle and his superior vassal SUDA Shinzaemon surrenders to Harunobu. Shinzaemon changes his name to Nobuyori and Gentazaemon is given a name "Nobutsuna". Both the letters of "Nobu" (信) are after Harunobu.

Ogasawara Nagatoki (Tomohiko Imai, centre) is abandoned by Murakami Yoshikiyo

Yoshikiyo hears the news and returns to Sakaki Castle, one of his bases leaving Nagatoki who is too incapable to cooperate with him. Yukitaka recovers the manor of Sanada occupied by Yoshikiyo and decides to build a temple for Ko-un Jiden who helped him in Kozuke. There Kansuke finds his charm of Malici possessed by Heizo in front of a memorial tower. In Echigo, USAMI Sadamitsu tells Nagao Kagetora that Takeda Harunobu could recover Toishi Castle as soon as Do-an (Kansuke) departed from Echigo.

(*)The Sanada Clan originated from the Unno clan. And the bloodline of the Takeda clan was retained through Ryuho.
(**) Later Sanada Masateru.
(***) Later Sanada Masayuki who secceeded the head of the Sanada clan because of the deaths of his elder brothers.

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