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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 49 Honnoji ga Hen (How to Allow Ieyasu to Escape Safely)

AKECHI Mitsuhide thinks that ODA Nobunaga plans to kill TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. So he attempts to set off a riot against Nobunaga. Then Manchiyo asks O-Towa to make him escape to Mikawa in safety. Ieyasu with his vassals who leave Azuchi Castle are scheduled to visit Honnnoji Temple where Nobunaga is going to demonstrate a tea ceremony on the second of June, 1582. O-Towa, OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon and NAKANO Naoyuki visit Sakai and asks MAKAMURAYA Yodayu to equip a ship for Ieyasu and his party and then she meets Ryuunmaru again. He is an interpreter between Japanese and Portuguese. He says it needs to equip a western ship to allow Ieyasu escape secretly.

Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka), O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki), Nakamuraya Yodayu (Hirotaro Honda) and Seto Hokyu (Tsuyoshi Muro) see a map (From left to right)

Then Ryuunmaru makes O-Towa in clerical garment entertain a Portuguese merchant in exchange of using his ship (*). Then he sends him to sleep and leaves there with O-Towa. But Mitsuhide is ordered to support HASHIBA Hideyoshi who attacks the Mori clan in Chugoku region.  Because of it, Mitsuhide cannnot get in touch with Ieyasu and then Ieyasu decides to visit Nobunaga. But O-Towa, who stills tries to stop him borrows money from SETO Hokyu to play a trick. Ryuunmaru, Hokyu and some other men disguise themselves as travelers and meet Ieyasu on his way to Kyoto. They tell him that there was a riot but ANAYAMA Nobutada, who also serves Nobunaga regards their behaviours unnatural.

O-Towa meets Ryuunmaru (Yuya Yagira. right) again

Ieyasu and his party tell them that they go to Kyoto under the pretext of revenge on Mitsuhide for Nobunaga, but he is accompanied by very few vassals. Ieyasu realises that it is impossible to do it at once and he about to committ suicide there (**). Then SAKAKIBARA Yasumasa advises him to return to Mikawa first and prepare for it. Then they hide themselves in a hovel and HONDA Masanobu and Ono Manpuku appear to offer them meal. On the following day, he murders Nobutada who seems to know the trick. After their return to Mikawa, he doesn't fight against Mitsuhide and sees which way the wind blows. 

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe, centre) decides to commit suicide

(*) Though Ryuunmaru tried to elabprate a plan to borrow the ship, I think it is impossible from various aspects.
(**) I have a feeling that something is put of place in the scene. In so-called Shinkun Igagoe, Ieyasu's return to Mikawa via Iga province (northwestern part of current Mie), he and his vassals were chased by the troop of Akechi Mitsuhide who was hostile to Ieyasu. Then he was cornered and decided to commit suicide but was stopped by his vassals. But in this episode, he is not chased by anybody. So committing suicide in such a situation doesn't make sense. Some viewers point out the worsening of historical facts in the series on the internet.  


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