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Onna Joshu Naotora 48 Nobunaga, Hamamatsu Kitaitte yo (Nobunaga's Visit to Hamamatsu)

TOKUGAWA Ieyasu is informed that ODA Nobunaga will visit him on his way from Kai to Azuchi. Ieyasu then maintain roads, dams up a stream, and shows him sumo matches during his stay. Though the entertainment costs money, he is so satisfied with it and plans to invite him and his vassals to Azuchi castle to return a courtesy. But it means the defense of his territory become to be vulnerable. And IMAGAWA Ujizane also visits Ieyasu to meet Nobunaga to thank him the destruction of the Takeda clan but he has another reason.

Oda Nobunaga (ICHIKAWA Ebizo) in Western style clothes visits Hamamatsu Castle
After Nobunaga departed from Hamamatsu, a little boy is found near the well of Ryugu-kozo. O-Towa shelters him in Ryotanji Temple and finds he is a son of samurai and is called  Jinen (*). However he disappears on the following day. O-Towa and Ketsuzan see a strange man near the well and chase him. It is Ujizane who pulls the wires from behind. Jinen is a son of AKECHI Mitsuhide and Ujizane allies himself with him to bring down Nobunaga. He tells O-Towa that Nobunaga's visited Hamamatu in preparation for the attack on Ieyasu.

Sakakibara Yasumasa (Toshinori Omi, centre) worries about the defense of Ieyasu's territory

Ujizane thinks that O-Towa thinks to avenge her relatives at the Battle of Okehazama and Sena. But she decides to tell Ieyasu about it and plans to make internal trouble in the Odas (**). Then Ieyasu can govern Japan instead. Ieyasu agrees with her and says he would like to make the whole country peaceful (***). And O-Towa and the priests in Ryotanji take care of Jinen. O-Towa remembers that both Naochika and Toramatsu (Manchiyo) were sheltered in the temples in their childhood.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki, left) decides to shelter a boy who is found neat the well of Ryugu-kozo

(*) He is thought to be one of the sons of Mitsuhide and died after the Honnoji Incident.
(**) Clearly, it is impossoble for O-Towa who is a farmer to tell Ieyasu about the plan of assassinating Nobunaga directly.
(***) However he fought against the army of ISHIDA Mitsunari in 1600 and destroyed the Toyotomi clan in 1615.

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