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USAMI Sadamitsu

USAMI Sadamitsu or Sadayuki was a vassal of some shugos or deputy shugos of Echigo,  including UESUGI Sadazane and NAGAO Kagetora. There are various theories on his life.

He was a son of USAMI Fusatada and served Uesugi Sadazane and his brother Sadanori. But in 1536, he surrendered NAGAO Tamekage and then served him and his sons Harukage and Kagetora. He exerted himself to make Nagao Masakage bow to Kagetora. In 1564, he is said to have been drowned with Masakage whom he attempted to kill. But some say that died in a battle against the Hojo clan in 1562.

He is said to be a model of Usami Sadayuki, who established Echigo-school military science that became to be known in the middle of the 17th century.

In this series, he is described as a sharp but gentle samurai who hesitates to serve Nagao Kagetora at first. But at lase he decides to serve him and insists on his own strategy despite being opposed by some vassals of Kagetora (*). He penetrates Kansuke's disguise when he spies out Echigo but allows him stay at his castle for a while. In 1561, he participates in the fourth Battle of Kawanakajima and fights one-to-one battle with Kansuke himself.

(*) Ken Ogata, who plays the role of Sadamitsu acts AMAGO Tsunahisa, deputy shugo of Izumo (current eastern part of Shimane) in another Taiga Drama series "Mori Motonari". These two roles have something in common and he plays both roles well.

The image shows Ken Ogata as Usami Sadamitsu
(From the DVD series of "Furin Kazan")


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