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Furin Kazan 31 Uragiri no Shiro (An Intrigue of Sanada Yukitaka)

Jokei-in, wife of IMAGAWA Yoshimoto and elder sister of TAKEDA Harunobu dies. Then he should decide whom to send as s hostile to Sunpu next. He also decides that the troops in Shinano should be self-sufficient. BABA Nobuharu becomes to manage Fukashi Castle, current Matsumoto Castle. Harunobu and his vassals are delighted with occupying most of Shinano but Kansuke considers how to attack Echigo that is in the north of Shinano.

Ogasawara Nagatoki (Tomohiko Imai) pretends to kill himself but is stopped by Murakami Yoshikiyo (Toshiyuki Nagashima)

OGASAWARA Nagatoki stays at Yoshikiyo's castle. When he hears that the Takeda Army won, He pretends to kill himself saying that he doesn't want to live in disgrace, but he expects someone stops him at heart. Yoshikiyo stops it and offers him to fight against Harunobu together. Then Nagatoki exaggerates that he himeself is a shugo of Shinano but Yoshikiyo is a shugoshin (guardian) of the province. Yoshikiyo is figting against TAKANASHI Masayori but is case he attacks on SANADA Yukitaka, he can fight against him with Aiki Ichibei without the order of Harunobu.

Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino, left), Aiki Ichibei (Yoshimasa Kondo, centre) and Sanada Yukitaka (Kuranosuke Sasaki, right) plan to recover Matsuo Castle occupied by Yoshikiyo

After that, Hazuki visits Yukitaka and there is somebody who betrays him in the Sanada clan. Yukitaka then creates a sensation. He tells his vassals that SUNOHARA Wakasanokami is a spy of Yoshikiyo and runs riot to him on purpose. Then he makes his younger brother Sozaemon kill him but he stops it. Then Sozaemon tells Yoshikiyo about it and begs him to assign his troop for him as planned. Actually, the real spy is a certain Fukai and it becomes clear that Wakasanokami is innocent.

Yukitaka (right) enacts a scene and maked Sunohawa Sozaemon (Shingo urakami) kill his elder brother Wakasanokami (Sakae Kimura) in front of his vassals

Harunobu returns to Kai and welcomed by his family. Sanjo Fujin who also mourns the death of his sister. He decides to send his daughter Ume to Sunpu as new hostage. But Hagino suggests to send Shiro instead. Harunobu tells her that he is a heir to the Suwa clan and it should be a member of the Takeda clan who is sent to Sunpu. And OYAMADA Nobuari, who also returns to Kai confesses Miru hime that his clan has fought against the Takedas in the past. She tells him that she doesn't hope that he repeats it. Then she tells Fujiomaru to greet his father but he makes his father's blood cold.

Oyamada Nobuari (Seiichi Tanabe) is bewildered when he sees his son Fujiomaru

Kansuke returns to home also. He enjoys seeing the sons of Takichi practice spearmanship while his wife O-Kuma and daughters are busy with preparing dinner. Then Denbei appears with two matchlocks. Kansuke shows Harunobu one of them and tells him that he plans to disguise as a merchant of matchlock and go to Echigo. He also says if Harunobu occupies throughout Shinano, it doesn't need to send any hostage to Sunpu. And SANADA Yukitaka tries to lure Yoshikiyo's soldiers towards them using Sozaemon.

Yazaki Jugoro (Akira Okamori, right) is ordered to join the attack on Matsuo Castle but Heizo (Ryuta Sato) is suspicioud of it

Heizo, who serves Yoshikiyo with YAZAKI Jugoro becomes to call himself Yazaki Heizo by the marrige with Hisa. SUDA Shinzaemon, superior vassal of Yoshikiyo orders Jugoroto attack Matsuo Castle instead of him. Though Jugoro accepts it to achieve a brilliant exploit, Heizo is suspicious of the behaviour of Shinzaemon. While he attacks Matsuo Castle, Hisa prays for his victory but the light goes out suddenly. Sozaemon guides Yoshikiyo's soldiers to Matsuo Castle but he disappears and Yoshikiyo's soldiers are surrounded by the troops of Yukitaka and Ichibei. Jugoro dies in the battle and it makes Yoshikiyo blow his stack.

Kansuke (left) and Denbei (Yoshiki Arizono, centre) disguise themselves as monks of Negoroji Temple and meet Nagao Kagetora

Kansuke and Denbei who disguise themselves as the monks from Negoroji Temple arrive at Echigo and meets NAGAO Kagetora at Kasugayama Castle. He hasn't known the attack at Matsuo Castle as yet. Kagetora scornfully says that Kansuke is dingy and asks him how many matchlocks he can prepare now.
"We can prepare ten matchlocks at once," says Kansuke.
But Kagetora orders one hundred guns and tells him to stay in the castle until they reach him.

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