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Sanada Maru Episode 49 Zen-ya (The Previous Night)

SANADA Nobuyuki tells his wife Ina (Komatsu hime) that he will go to Osaka to meet Yukimura. She asks him to return home alive.

The Osaka Five decide to engage the enemy at Osaka Castle. GOTO Matabei, AKASHI Teruzumi and their troops advance to Tennnoji, that is located south of the castle. And Yukimura suggests breaking some banks of Hirano River that flows near the castle to keep their enemy away.

Nobuyuki meets his son Nobuyoshi in Osaka and tells him that he wants to talk with Yukimura.Then he knows that his uncle Nobutada will scheme Yukimura to betray Hideyori again. As the side of Hideyori becomes unfavourable by filling the moats of his castle, Ieyasu orders Nobutada to scheme him again. But Yukimura will not agree with him. Nobuyuki says that they will meet again and this is not the final farewell. And Nobutada says to him,
"You should live as you like."

Sanada Yukimura (Masato Sakai) shouts to Date Masamune and retreats to Osaka Castle

Matabei is rumoured that he met a messenger from Ieyasu and becomes to be impatient to distinguish himself to clear his name. But he dies in the battle against the troop of DATE Masamune. Teruzumi informs it to MORI Katsunaga and Yukimura. Katsunaga feels vexed with it and says,
"He should not have been too eager for success."

The bad rumour of Matabei is a trick of HONDA Masanobu. Besides, it seems that the strategy of the Osaka five is leaked out despite the disappearance of ODA Urakusai. It is OSUMI Yozaemon, a cook who is in charge of the kitchen who communicates with Ieyasu secretly. Yukimura and his comrades often use the kitchen to discuss their plan while dining. Yohachi, childhood friend of HOTTA Sakubei who helps Yozaemon happens to know his real nature and is killed by him.

Date Masamune (Tomoharu Hasegawa) follows Yukimura with his eye

Matabei, KIMURA Shigenari and BAN Dan-emon dies in the battles successively. Then Yukimura who brings up the rear of the retreating army of his side meets the troop of Date Masamune but he never approaches Yukimura. Then Yukimura says,
"Have you already finished your battle? Isn't there any true samurai in the Tokugawa's side?"
Then he also retreat to Osaka Castle. Masamune sees him with favour.

Yukimura thinks that Masamune is trustworthy and then tells Haru, Ume and Daihachi to go out to be sheltered by Masamune. He tells Kiri to take Sen to her father Hidetada if the crunch comes and then return to Numata. But she says that she will return to the castle.
"I will serve Yodo Dono (Lady Chacha) until the end because I don't want to survive without you."

At that moment, Yukimura draws Kiri closer to himself.
"It's too late," says Kiri.
"I'm sorry," says Yukimura.

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