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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 46 Akujo ni Tsuite (The Grief of Ieyasu)

O-Towa goes to Okazaki Castle to meet Sena but she sees the vassals of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu capture his son Nobuyasu there. Both Manchiyo and Manpuku are there also. Ieyasu tries to gain time to prolong the time of Nobuyasu's execution by changing the castles where he is confined. Meanwhile he plans to ally him with HOJO Ujimasa mediated by IMAGAWA Ujimasa (*). But Sena who disappears with ISHIKAWA Kazumasa leaving a letter from TAKEDA Katsuyori to confess her betrayal to Ieyasu. And they meet O-Towa, Manchiyo and Manpuku when they stop by Ii-no-ya.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki, right) tries to make Sena (Nanao) change her mind

Manchiyo tells them Ieyasu's plan at Ryotanji Temple and says that Sena is accused and chased by some soldiers. O-Towa tries to shelter her and Kazumasa. However she prepares herself for the worst despite the objection of O-Towa. She departs from the temple and parts with Kazumasa. Then she is captured by the soldiers and beheaded near Lake Sanaru (**). After that Ujizane visits Hamamatsu Castle to inform the alliance but he sees a bucket holding Sena's head and feels sad. SAKAI Tadatsugu tells ODA Nobunaga that it is Sena who communicated with Katsuyori secretly but at last Nobuyasu is executed on the 15th of September, 1579.

Sena sees the soldiers and knows that she will be executed near Lake Sanaru

O-Towa sighs over the ruthlessness of the troublous period near the well of Ryugu-kozo. Nankei who hears it tells her to improve it by yourself and later she visits Hamamatsu Castle to meet Ieyasu but cannot. He becomes to distrust his vassals and says that he will decide everything by himself. But Manchiyo tells him that he should find out the cause of "defeat" and correct it. And he hands Sena's rouge case to him ans says Sena is always with him (***). It is the one Sena gave to O-Towa at Ryotanji.

Imagawa Ujizane (ONOE Matsuya, left) grieves over the death of Sena when he sees the bucket

(*) The alliance is established due to Otate no ran, the riot over the succession to the Uesugi clan but it is not described in this series.
(**) In reality, she is said to have been assassinated.
(***) It seems strange that Manchiyo advises Ieyasu in this way.


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