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Sanada Maru Episodes 46-48

Episodes of Sanada Maru

Episode 46 Hodan (Cannonball)

Hideyori praises Yukimura for his exploit. But he tells Hideyori to be cautious and make Ieyasu irrititated. And Hatsu (Joko-in), younger sister of Chacha asks Yukimura to persuade her to be calm. She seems to believe that she will die in the flames of war like her parents.

Ieyasu orders SANADA Nobutada who serves him to scheme Yukimura to betray Hideyori. Nobutada thinks it's impossible but it makes him happy to meet his nephew for the first time in more that twenty years. Then he hands letter of Ieyasu to him. It says how he will treat him when he betrays Hideyori. Nobutada tells him that he doesn't need to read it and later tells Ieyasu that it results in failure.

ODA Urakusai supposes Hideyori, Yukimura, Ono Harunaga and his mother Okurakuyo no Tsubone that they should make peace with Ieyasu because it's the golden opportunity to do it. Though Hideyori hopes to postpone it, he finally agrees with the negotiation. But Chacha refuses it strongly. Yukimura who wants to triumph Ieyasu is not keen also thinks so. Then Ieyasu orders his soldiers to fire a culverin and its cannonball hits the keep of Osaka Castle where Chacha lives.

Episode 47 Hangeki (Counterattack)

The hit kills some of the maids of Chacha and it unsettles her mind. It is the plot of Ieyasu to threaten her and from this, the trend towards making peace with Ieyasu becomes to grow.
Hideyori says that he will accept the condition however it's inconvenient for him if the world becomes peaceful. Ieyasu says that he hopes reconciliation on the surface but in reality he plans to pressure Hideyori to obey him and make the castle defenseless.

Urakusai hopes to sit at the negotiation table but Yukimura stops it because he feels him suspicious about him. Then it has been arranged that two women, Acha no Tsubone, concubine of Ieyasu and Hatsu discuss what to do after the battle. But Hatsu is ignored and Acha no Tsubone makes Okurkuyo no Tsubone, who accompanies Hatsu agree with her idea and it's decided that the moats of Osaka Castle are filled.

Because of this, the castle becomes defenseless. Yukimura droops his shoulders but his comrades in arms encourage him. Espacially Hideyori says that he will continue fighting against Ieyasu, quoting Yukimura's word "Those who always have a hope can clear his own future". It makes Yukimura renew his determination.

Episode 48 Hakka (Firing)

GOTO Matabei and MORI Katsunaga assault the headquarter of Ieyasu at night. On the other hand, Urakusai tries to inform Ieyasu that some ronins will attack him on the following day. But he is detected that he is a spy of Ieyasu by Yukimura and leaves Osaka Castle. Sasuke attacks Ieyasu and kills him but it is his double.

Hideyori's vassals worry that the provisions in Osaka Castle become to decrease and ronins are eager to fight against Ieyasu again. Then Hideyori permits them to meet their wives and children to make themselves at ease. Meanwhile Yukimura plans to construct a new fort. And he also visits his nephews, sons of Nobuyuki with Daisuke.

He meets them at the headquarter of Nobuyoshi. He is a gentle young man but his brother Nobumasa is rude and opposes Daisuke. After returning to Osaka Castle, Yukimura finds something at the corner of the garden and finds it is a flintlock (*).

Yukimura hurries Hideyori and ONO Harunaga up to prepare for next battle to take back some of Toyotimi's territories to supply the provision. And ronins are given money from the treasury by Ono Harufusa and purchases guns. Soon after Nobuyuki receives a letter from Yukimura that hints at his death.

(*) It is Sen no Rikyu who buried it before his execution because his seal is put on the box containing the flintlock.

The image shows Masato Sakai as Sanada Yukimura shoots a flintlock.
(From the DVD series of "Sanada Maru")


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