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AKECHI Mitsuhide

AKECHI Hyuganokami Mitsuhide was a vassal of ODA Nobunaga. Though having served Nobunaga, he attacked him stayed at Honnoji Temple in Kyoto on the 2nd of June, 1582.

The details of his descent is unknown but he is said to have been from the Toki clan. After the death of SAITO Dosan whom he served, He went to Echizen (current northern part of Fukui) and served the Asakura clan who ruled there. Around 1570, he became to serve Oda Nobunaga and distinguished himself both in battles and politics.

However, he is said to have been at odds with Nobunaga and it was one of the reasons why he attacked Nobunaga who stayed at Honnoji Temple with few vassals. Other than that, there are many reasons why he did so and a letter found recently says that he was eager to reestablish Muromachi Government destroyed by Nobunaga.

Anyway he attacked the temple and Nobunaga killed himseld then. After that, HASHIBA Hideyoshi who knew the news returned from Chugoku region and beat him and his army at Tennozan. He was killed by a farmer during the escape to Sakamoto Castle.

He had a knowledge of how to perform a tea ceremony and was good at making waka (poem). He made a poem that suggests his decision a few days before the Honnoji Incident.

No hime, wife of Nobunaga is said to have been related to him.

In this series, he is a loyal vassal of Nobunaga and pressures SAKAI Tadatsugu into accepting that Nobuyasu communicates with the TAKEDA clan secretly. But at last he betrays Nobunaga and attacks him.

The image shows Ken Mitsuishi as Akechi Mitsuhide
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