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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 45 Mao no Ikenie (The Sacrifice to Nobunaga*)

The page who planned to assassinate TOKUGAWA Ieyasu is related to a vassal of Nobuyasu. So his vassals are ordered to live in their fiefs, not to live in the castletown around Okazaki Castle as punishment. Then Nobuyasu decides to achieve a military exploit to clear his name though SAKAI Tadatsugu is not keen to permit him. In Hamamatsu, one of the concubines of Ieyasu gives birth to a son and Manchiyo is sent to Okazaki Castle to tell it to Nobuyasu and Sena.  Sena feels unsafe because Nobuyasu has not had his heir yet. She searches a concubine for him and sends a letter to O-Towa about it. At the same time SETO Hokyu informs her about Ieyasu's new son. However, Toku hime, wife of Nobuyasu writes about the behaviour of Sena to her father ODA Nobunaga.

Tokugawa Nobuyasu (Kinari Hirano, left) talks about the treatment of him and his vassals with his father Ieyasu (Sadao Abe)

Then AKECHI Mitsuhide, one of Nobunaga's vassals is sent to Okazaki Castle and recommends Nobuyasu to receive the official rank from the emperor to give consequence to himself. But he refuses it politely because he feels something suspicious from his words. After that Tadatsugu visits Nobunaga in newly constructed Azuchi Castle but is pressured by Nobunaga and Mitsuhide by showing the evidence that Nobuyasu communicates with the Takeda clan secretly. And his concubine is a daughter of former vassal of TAKEDA Katsuyori. Ieyasu worries about it but his mother O-Dai no kata who visits him tells him to kill Nobuyasu.

Oda Nobunaga (ICHIKAWA Ebizo) becomes to be hostile to Nobuyasu, his son-in-law

One day Nankei and O-towa who wears nun's hood visit Sena to pray for safe childbirth. She wonders that O-Towa has returned to secular life wearing the hood is convenient for her when she goes to somewhere. At that time, somebody make a noise outside. They see Ieyasu accompanied by Manchiyo and Manpuku there. And SAKAKIBARA Yasumasa is there also and declares that Nobuyasu will be executed because of commnucating with the Takedas. HIRAIWA Chikayoshi, moriyaku (tutor) of Nobuyasu asks Yasumasa to sacrifice himself for Nobuyasu but in vain. And IMAGAWA Ujimasu receives a secret letter from MATSUSHITA Jokei. The letter on a fan is invisible writing but can be revealed by applying heat. It's the request for cooperation from the Tokugawas. 

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki, left) meets Sena (Nanao) for the first time in a while

(*) It seems that she is an oppotunist.
(**) In reality, so-called aburidashi, revealing invisible words or pictures by applying heat is said to have become common under Tokugawa shogunate.

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