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TAKEDA Katsuyori

TAKEDA Katsuyori was a son of Takeda Shingen and suceeded his father in 1573. He was born between Shingen and Suwa Goryonin, daughter of SUWA Yorishige.

He was born in 1546 as the fourth son of Shingen. He became the head of the Suwa clan at first and had eight vassals. His first battle was the attack on Minowa Castle, Kozuke in 1563. In 1565, Yoshinobu, his half brother and a heir of Shingen was imprisoned in Tokoji Temple. For such a reason, he became a heir (*) and married Ryukatsuin Dono, daughter of ODA Nobunaga.

As Shingen died in 1573, he took over the Takeda clan and fought a series of battles against Oda Nobunaga, TOKUGAWA Ieyasu, UESUGI Kagekatsu and HOJO Ujikuni. Especially in the Battle of Nagashino, he fought against the allied forces of Nobunaga and Ieyasu and lost many of his vassals. And in 1577, he once helped Uesugi Kagetora who is from the Hojo clan in Otate no ran,  a riot between Uesugi Kagekatsu and Hojo Ujimasa over the headship of the Uesugi clan. At last he mediated between them but they went to war again in his absence because of his return to Kai. The side of Kagekatsu won and he made his half sister marry Kagekatsu. But it made the relationship between him and the Hojo clan became tense.

In 1579, he fought against Hojo Ujikuni and Ujimasa. In 1581, he constructed a new castle called Shinpu Castle in Nirasaki but Nobunaga and Ieyasu schemed to make his vassals betray him. He was surrounded by the daimyos who have hostile relations with him and committed hara-kiri at the Battle of Tenmokuzan. Later Tokugawa Ieyasu built a temple called Keitokuin to mourn him.

In this series, he is described as the head of the Takeda clan who is defeated in the Battle of Nagashino. Though he tries to make his clan with the Uesugi clan to recover from the discouraging situation, he is forced to committ suicide because of the betrayals of his vassals at last.

(*) Shingen's second son was blind and became a priest and third son died young.

The image shows Eita Okuno as Takeda Katsuyori
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