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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 44 Ii-no-ya no Bara (The Rose of Ii-no-ya*)

Both Manchiyo and Manpuku accompany TOKUGAWA Ieyasu but they cannot fight against their enemies because of being pages. One night Manchiyo finds a suspicious figure and takes measures to identify him. Then he pretends to be asleep in the bedroom of Ieyasu and a vassal makes a tisane for him instead of Manchiyo. Immediately after, Manchiyo springs to his feet and urges him to taste it. He hesitates because it's poisoned and he is a spy of the TAKEDA Shingen. He subdues him despite being wounded in his shoulder. He receives a grant of 10.000 koku (**) for his contribution. But some people slander him because he achieved his exploit in Ieyasu's bedroom.

Manchiyo (Masaki Suda) subdues a spy of the Takeda clan

In Ii-no-ya, Natsu who becomes a nun brings Manpuku's letter to Yuchinni and O-Towa in Ryotanji Temple. Yuchinni suffers from heart disease and O-Towa blames herself that she has annoyed her mother since her childhood. And she asks her relatives and acquaintances to visit her casually if possible and plants a wild rose in the garden of the temple. One day Shino visits them and talks about that Manchiyo received a grant of 10.000 koku. It's news to both O-Towa and KONDO Yasumochi. And Yuchinni who realises time of her death sends a letter to Manchiyo. After that he and Manpuku visit Ii-no-ya.

O-Towa (Ko shibasaki. right) tells her mother Yuchinni (Naomi Zaizen) that she always annoys her

By the well of Ryugu-kozo, O-Towa opposes Manchiyo who says that he could take back Ii-no-ya. But she does not accept it and says what he does is senseless. He gets angry and tells her that she always shirk her duty as former ruler. O-Towa becomes obstinate and declares that she never allows him to take over the Ii clan. Then she returns to the temple and talks about her old days. Soon after Yuchinni dies leaving the letters to whom she knows behind. In Hamamatsu Castle, Manchiyo becomes a vassal and shows his scar caused some vassals that he promoted himself by this, not pederasty. At the same time, there is a shadow over Sena and her son Nobuyasu.

O-Towa and Manchiyo oppose each other

(*) It may be a parody of "Berusaiyu no Bara" (The Rose of Versailles) and someone points out that some words are the plagiarism of those in the original work.
(**) Manchiyo is treated very well by Ieyasu.

However, there are lots of impossible things in the episode.

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