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Sanada Maru Episodes 43-45

Episode of Sanada Maru

Episode 43 Gungi (War Council)

TOKUGAWA Ieyasu who stays at Nojo Castle asks KATAGIRI Katsumoto about the ration in Osaka Castle. He says that there is only six-month supply of ration in store. At Osaka Castle, KIMURA Shigenari, one of the vassals of TOYOTOMI Hideyori suggests holding the castle. ONO Harunaga, ODA Urakusai and the Osaka Five except Yukimura agree with it but Yukimura is dissatisfied.

To begin with, Hideyori has no reinforcement to support him during the siege. And Yukimura plans to divide and confuse the enemies much more than Hideyori’s army in number. However Harunaga uses something that profits some of the Osaka Five as lures to make the agree with the holding the castle.

Then Yukimura proposes to Harunaga that thsy should fight against the Tokugawa Army outside the castle to protect the Toyotomi clan. Though Urakusai shows disapproval, Hideyori agrees with his plan at last.However Chacha insists holding the castle and Yukimura has to work out another measure.

Episode 44 Chikujo (Construction)

Yukimura finds that the defense of south side of the castle should be strengthened. He plans to construct a fort there but Matabei has the same idea. However Yukimura plans to construct it to win while Matabei intends to die brilliantly in the upcoming war. Yukimura shows him his plan of the fort that is designed to slow the advance of enemy. Not only Matabei, but Hideyori is satisfied with the plan also.

But Okurakyo no Tsubone, who always looks down on the ronins suspects Yukimura who has such an idea. Then Harunaga and Shigenari don’t allow the ronins to take up the position and Yukimura’s plan of constructing a fort is cancelled.  Urakusai also tells Hideyori that he should not trust Yukimura because his father Masayuki was a man who promoted himself by betraying many people.

Yukimura still keeps constructing the fort though he is disturbed by Urakusai. Hideyori finally allows him to construct it. And the red armours are completed and Yukimura, Daisuke and TAKANASHI Naiki who wear the armours clombs the tower. Naiki asks Yukimura the name of the fort and he says proudly,
“Needlass to say…it’s SANADA Maru!!”  (*)

Sanada Yukimura (Masato Sakai) is glad at his victory

Episode 45 Kanpu (A Complete Victory)

The winter campaign of the Siege of Osaka began but Hideyori’s army is defeated by that of Tokugawa. It seems that somebody communicate with the Tokugawa Army secretly. Yukimura becomes to suspect Urakusai. And he tells Haru, Ume and Daihachi not to go out of the castle. Kiri becomes a maid of Chacha.

Sanada Maru is a great menace to TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. Then he orders Uesugi Kagekatsu who was closed with Yukimura to attack him with the Sabadas’ soldiers. Sasuke hands a secret letter to Yukimura and he tried to avoid fighting against his family. Then he plans to put his enemies up and then make themselves overreach as his father Masayuki did in the Siege of Ueda in 1585.

Other members of the Osaka Five and KIMURA Shigenari help him. He makes Shigenari disorder the armies of the Iis and the Maedas using matchlocks and fallen rocks. Then Yukimura rides on a horse and announces his name,
“I am SANADA Saemonnosuke Yukimura!”
He beat the enemies with HOTTA Sakubei with many soldiers perfectly. It moves UESUGI Kagekatsu though he is his enemy now.

Uesugi Kagekatsu (Keinichi endo, left) and his vassal Naoe Kanetsugu (Shingo Murakami) see Yukimra and Sanada Maru.

(*) In the scene, Takanashi Naiki finds the soldiers wear red armours in the enemy's position. Yukimura tells him that it's the army of the Iis and the clan must have their own history as the Sanada clan have. Naiki tells his master that he would like to hear about them. Many viewers thought it's the public relations of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

The images are from the DVD series of "Sanada Maru".

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