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HONDA Masanobu (Nobu)

HONDA Sadonokami Masanobu was a vassal of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. He served Ieyasu as falconer at first and opposed him when Mikawa Ikko Ikki, uprising of the believers of Jodo Shinshu occurred.

After the uprising was put down,  he served MATSUNAGA Hisahide, daimyo of Yamato, current Nara. Later he wandered the provinces and served Ieyasu again mediated by OKUBO Tadayo. After the death of ODA Nobunaga, Ieyasu annexed the former territory of the Takeda clan and he administrated both Kai and Shinano.

He was appointed as Sadonokami in 1586 and became a daimyo of Tamanawa, Sagami when Ieyasu moved to Kanto region after the Siege of Odawara in 1590. In 1600, he joined Tokugawa Hidetada's army but they were hindered by the flood and the maneuver of SANADA Masayuki when they advanced to Sekigahara and delayed.

After the battle of  Sekigahara, he appealed to the Imperial court to make Ieyasu become a shogun. After the retirement of Ieyasu, he served Hidetada. After the death of Ieyasu, he retired and died in June 1616. He was succeeded by his heir Masazumi though he fell from power later.

He didn't achieve military exploit but was good at strategies. And he was closed to Ieyasu and was taken into his confidence. Besides he did not hope the increase of his fief and admonished Masazumi to do so but he didn't.

In this series, he is described as a wise man though he is ordered to manage the zoris of Ieyasu's vassals when he serves him again. He is also an adviser of young Manchiyo and Manpuku.

The image shows Seiji Rokkaku as Honda Masanobu
(From the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora")


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