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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 43 Onsho no Kanata ni (Medicines and Plants)

Manchiyo and Manpuku become pages though their colleagues ignore them. And Nobu is so busy with dealing with the vassals who rush into the castle for their rewards. Manchiyo gives them pieces of paper and asks them to write their names on them. Besides he recommends TOKUGAWA Ieyasu to try his medicine who concerns about his health and then organises the data of the exploits of his vassals. But his behavior makes other pages except Manpuku think that there is a “special” relationship between Ieyasu and him.

Manchiyo (Masaki Suda, right) and Manpuku are harassed by their colleagues

O-Towa is told by Jinbei that logging woods for the battle caused a landslide. She asks KONDO Yasumochi to plant trees to prevent landslide and says if he realises it, he will leave his name to posterity. MATSUSHITA Jokei tells Manchiyo about it when he visits Hamamatsu Castle and then he explains how to plant trees with a diagram (*). Instead he receives medicines from Ii-no-ya and a cake of soap from SETO Hokyu. Though being harassed by his colleagues, he declares that he wins Ieyasu's favour and brings the medicine to him. He accepts it saying that he believes the Ii clan. And then he is dispatched to Okazaki Castle with the soap.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) plants young pines with the villagers

Though the vassals in Okazaki Castle didn’t distinguished themselves in the battle, they served as mediator between the Tokugawa clan and the Oda clan. Nobuyasu, heir of Ieyasu and lord of the castle says that he doesn’t mind if they are not well rewarded and Sena is delighted with the soap imported from Europe. And O-Towa, OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon, NAKANO Naoyuki and the villagers of Ii-no-ya plant young pines on the mountain slope. Jinbei seems to be happy with the work. And three years later, the trees grow to a height of one metre but Jinbei has passed away at that time. Then Natsu visits Ryotanji temple that she decided to become a nun.

Natsu (Sayaka Yamaguchi. right) visits Ryotanji Temple and tells Nankei (Kaoru Kobayashi, centre) and O-Towa that she decided to become a nun

It seems this series is far from what the Taiga Drama series should be.  I will write about it after the broadcast of the final episode in mid-December.

(*) In reality, systematic tree planting started under Tokugawa shogunate, not in this period.

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