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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 42 Nagashino ni Tateru Saku (The Fence in Nagashino)

O-Towa visits the well of Ryugu-kozo and prays for TOKUGAWA Ieyasu's winning the battle. There she finds Nankei who drinks sake secretly and tells her that Toramatsu (Manchiyo) will participate in a battle soon. At that time, Manchiyo, Manpuku and Nobu make a new shoe box but then Manchiyo is ordered to take care of the arms in Okazaki Castle. And in Shitaragahara, the major battlefield of the Battle of Nagashino, Tokugawa Nobuyasu is given a tenmoku, a kind of tea bowl by ODA Nobunaga but he refuses it.

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe) bows to Oda Nobunaga with his son Nobuyasu (Kinari Hirano, left)

The vassals of Ieyasu and Nobuyasu get anger that Nobunaga ignores the Tokugawas and decides everything on his own authority. And OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon and NAKANO Naoyuki, who now serves KONDO Yasumochi and make umase, a kind of frise de chevaux for the Tokugawa Army. As they are short of woods, they log a forest near them without permission. Then TAKEDA Katsuyori, general of the Takeda Army is taken in by SAKAI Tadatsugu and he is badly defeated in the battle. In it, he loses many vassals and it weakens the power of his clan.

Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka. left) and Nakano Naoyuki (Yuma Yamoto) make umase at Shitaragahara
Ieyasu decides to attack the rulers in Totomi who take the side of Takedas and the pages in Okazaki Castle supply the arms. But a page called Kogoro steals Manchiyo's thunder and it offends Manchiyo but Nobu tells him to use this experience as a springboard to be promoted to a higher position. After that he is called by Ieyasu who returns to Okazaki and thinks it's pederasty (*) though Ieyasu plans to praise him because he knows everything. In Ii-no-ya, O-Towa sees a tenmoku tea bowl that is given to Rokuzaemon and Naoyuki and is surprised at its value. Then she goes to Nagashino with Ketsuzan and they chant a sutra for the dead.

Manchiyo (Masaki Suda) takes care of the arms in Okazaki Castle

It is strange that nobody takes the care of the arms in Okazaki Castle regularly in this period.

(*) Some of daimyos in this period are said to have intersted in pederasty.
(**) The bowl is said to be worth a castle in the episode.

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