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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 41 Kono Genkan no Katasumi ni (Manchiyo loses his chance)

A middle age man called Nobu joins Manchiyo and Manpuku but he is HONDA Masanobu, falconer of Ieyasu in reality. He once betrayed TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and participated in ikko-ikki (*) until a while ago and is disliked by HONDA Tadakatsu though they are from the same clan. Nobu is a slow worker at first and it makes Manchiyo angry but Manpuku is close to him. And in Ii-no-ya, MATSUSHITA Gentaro decides to adopt NAKANO Naohisa because Toramatsu (Manchiyo) returned to the Ii Family.

Nobu (Seiji Rokkaku, left), Manchiyo (Masaki Suda, centre) and Manpuku (Kai Inowaki, right) at the entrance of Hamamatsu Castle

In April 1575, TAKEDA Katsuyori takes up arms and Manchiyo hopes to participate in the battle. He plays cheap tricks to approach Ieyasu but he penetrates his wiles. And Nobu gets the knack of his work and becomes to place zoris in front of the vassals timely. One day OKUBO Tadayo, one of the vassals who doesn't appear the entrance at the usual time. He worries about preparing wood for umase, a kind of chavel de frise used in battlefield and Manchiyo offers his help to Tadayo to realise his wish to join the battle.

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe) develops strategy by playing go (***)

Manchiyo thinks that he can provide the wood from Ii-no-ya but there is ruled by KONDO Yasumochi now. O-Towa apologises to Ieyasu about it in her letter and then Ieyasu orders Yasumochi to provide the wood. And OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon, who now serves Yasumochi directs logging. Though he is not thought well by Yasumochi because of the dullness, he is eager to distinguish himself. So he seems to be so happy at the cutting site. But Manchiyo is ordered to remain in the castle and  he loses his control and shouts "That rotten nun!* Hang it all!" 

Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka, right) tells O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) that he is eager to distinguish himself

I think Manchiyo is too emotional while Manpuku is calm.

(*) Needless to say, it's O-Towa though she is not a priest now.
(**) The uprising of the believers of Jodo Shinshu, one of the schools of Buddhism in the 16th century Japan.
(***) It reminds me of SANADA Daisuke who compares go board to battlefield in "Sanada Maru".

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