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Ko (Sei-in in)

She was a daughter of SANADA Nobutsuna, heir of Yukitaka and the eldest brother of Masayuki. She was a wife and became to a concubine of Sanada Nobuyuki and a mother of Nobuyoshi.

She married Nobuyuki after her father was killed in the Battle of Nagashino. It is thought that Masayuki, new heir of the Sanada clan took leaving offspring of Nobutsuna into account. Later she became a concubine by the marriage of Nobuyuki and Ina (Komatsu hime) to strengthen the relationship between the Sanadas and the Tokugawas. She died in 1619.

In this series, she is of a delicate health but becomes to be healthy later (*). After the marriage of Nobuyuki and Ina, she serves her former husband and understands Ina. She gives birth to Nobuyoshi one month earlier than the birth of Nobumasa, son of Nobuyuki and Ina.

(*) The change of her appearance attracted the viewers of "Sanada Maru".

The image shows Satomi Nagano as Ko
(From the DVD series of "Sanada Maru")


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