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Onna Joshu Naotora 40 Tensho no Zori-ban (Manchiyo and Manpuku who take care of footwears)

At first, I am sorry to have mentioned the death of MATSUSHITA Gentaro in "Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 39 Toramarsu no Yabo (The Ambition of Toramatsu)". He is alive in this episode so I revised it.

Manchiyo (Toramatsu) and Manpuku (Inosuke) have much trouble in taking care of the sandal (zori) s of Ieyasu's vassals (*). And Shino criticises Nankei that it's him who made Toramatsu use Ii as his family name, not Marsushita. She says that it makes her husband ill. O-Towa doesn't hope the restore of the Iis agrees with her. At that time, MATSUSHITA Jokei visits Hamamatsu Castle and tells Manchiyo that his relatives blame the behaviour. At last KONDO Yasumochi shows displeasure with it (**). Then O-Towa decides to visit Hamamatsu to persuade him. 

Shino (Shihori Kanjiya) listens to O-Towa in Ryotanji Temple

O-Towa arrives at Hamamatsu (***) and persuades Manchiyo to use Matsushita as his family name but he refuses it and speaks rudely to her. Then Ieyasu appears and Manchiyo tells him not to pay attention to her. But he is scolded not to be forward and Ieyasu talks about him with O-Towa. He plans to make him experience hardships because of a member of the Iis, a declined clan. After the fall of the Iis, O-Towa feels relieved but Manpuku tells her that Manchiyo is eager to restore his clan and his adopted father MATSUSHITA Gentaro also thinks so.

Manchiyo (Masaki Suda, right) and Manpuku (Kai Inowaki) with the name cards of Ieyasu's vassals

Natsu feels happy that her son Inosuke has grown mentally. Then Manchiyo is praised by SAKAKIBAEA Tasumasa and ordered to train newcomers. And IMAGAWA Ujizane has an easy life in Kyoto but receives a letter that requests him to play kemari at Shokokuji Temple. Besides ODA Nobunaga, enemy of his father Yoshimoto is going to see the match. Ujizane tells his vassal ASAHIMA Yasukatsu that he will revenge himself on Nobunaga by playing it.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki, right) and Natsu (Sayaka Yamaguchi) are happy about the growth of Manchiyo and Manpuku

(*) It is a fiction that Manchiyo and Manpuku took care of the footwerars. Normally, the sandals of samurais were taken care of their attendants after they took off them and entered the castle.
(**) Yasumochi who rules Ii-no-ya told her not to restore the Ii clan again.
(***) Actually, it was impossible that former ruler moved freely, especailly met the heir of his/her clan because there was a possibility of raising a riot.

The imafes are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora".


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