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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 39 Toramatsu no Yabo (The Ambition of Toramatsu)

Toramatsu and ONO Inosuke visit the Niinos with their mothers. They hope to serve TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and that’s the reasons why they have not celebrated coming of age ceremony (genpuku) yet (*). And Natsu will become a nun if his son succeeds in serving Ieyasu. Toramatsu, Inosuke and NAKANO Naohisa go around Ii-no-ya and finds people work actively thanks to Naotora's advice to KONDO Yasumochi. Then Toramatsu asks Naotora whether she plans to restore the Ii family or not but she doesn't hope so.

Toramatsu (Masaki Suda, left), Inosuke (Kai Inowaki, second from the left) and NAKANO Naohisa (Keisuke Tomita, second from the right) enjoy strolling around Ii-no-ya

Toramatsu then goes to the well of Ryugu-kozo and tells Rokuzaemon that the Iis should be restored for the honour of his ancestors and ONO Tajimanokami Masatsugu. After that they return to the house of Matsushita Gentaro after meeting Takase for the first time in six years. And Nankei visits Sena in Okazaki Castle. He tells her that Toramatsu hopes to serve her husband Ieyasu. At Hamamatsu Castle, Ieyasu knows it but worries Whether he will serve him as MATSUSHITA Toramatsu or II Toramatsu because there is a marked difference between the two.

Sena (Nanao, right) shows Nankei her son Nobuyasu (Kinari Hirano)

Before the interview with Ieyasu, Shino and Natsu offer their sons kamishimos and the pouches with the embroidery related to their names. In the interview, Toramasu and Inosuke are renamed Manchiyo and Manpuku respectively. Ieyasu asks which family name Manchiyo will choose in serving him and he answers he wants to serve him as II Manchiyo. Gentaro is surprised with it and the shock kills him. Because of this, they are ordered to work as zoriban, man in charge of footwear though they were supposed to serve as page.

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe, right) talks about Toramatsu with his falconer HONDA Masanobu (Seiji Rokkaku)

(*) If he celebrates the ceremony after serving Ieyasu, eboshi oya, who puts eboshi on his head will be a man with a high status and it was regarded to be honourable at that time.


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