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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 38 Ii o tomo ni sarinu* (The Plan of Going to Sakai)

TAKEDA Shingen now conquers Totomi and advances to Mikawa. Nankei meets him and says that the Iis hope to restore the family. Then he tells Shingen that he wonders why he doesn't gets tired of fighting but he answers that he has no time for thinking such a thing. And in Kawana, Ryuunmaru says that why Takese didin't escape from the residence of the Iis at once. Then O-Towa realises that she is a spy because she brings him a bowl of tisane that is poisoned.

Nankei (Kaoru Kobayashi, left) speaks to Takeda Shingen (Ken Matsudaira)

She became a spy of the Takedas because of the debts her dead mother left but O-Towa says she should not do so any more. And Shingen writes to her that she and the villagers of Ii-no-ya can go home instead of the head of KONDO Yasumochi. O-Towa talks to Yasumochi about it and says that she will not behead him and let them pretend to oppose each other. They return to Ii-no-ya to rebuild the burnt village but Ryuunmaru and NAKAMURAYA Yodayu appears there. Yodayu visits Ii-no-ya to take O-Towa and him to Sakai by water.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) helps the villagers with rebulding the villages

O-Towa is going to travel to Sakai with Ryuunmaru but finds it hard to tear herself away from Ii-no-ya. So Ryuunmaru behave rudely on purpose and leaves her there. At that time, Shingen sees an illusion of Jukeini at his base then vomits blood and died. Thanks to his death, TOKUGAWA Ieyasu recovers Mikawa and the western part of Totomi. The year 1574 has come and the Buddhist service of the 13th death anniversary of Naochika is held at Ryotanji temple. The Relatives of him includes MATSUSHITA Toramatsu who grows up into a fine young man are there.

Toramatsu (Masaki Suda, right) becomes a young man now

(*) The tiele may be a parody of "Kaze to tomo ni sarinu", Japanese title of "Gone with the Wind".

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